Tuesday Charity Ministry – December 5, 2023

Dear Members,

The Annual Christmas Luncheon for our Tuesday Charity Outreach Programme is scheduled for Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

We are planning to treat 350 persons as we have observed that the number of needy persons has grown over the past few months. We hereby seek  your assistance in meeting our target for this event.

In addition to a cooked meal, we will give them a stipend and a gift package of non-perishable items. If possible you could put together your own package(s) and leave at the Church Office before the 5th. Otherwise we will humbly accept whatever you can afford.

Suggestions for the gift packages:

  • Wash cloth * Toothpaste * Toothbrush
  • Packaged milk * Rice * Flour
  • Toilet Tissue * Cornmeal
  • Tinned corned beef; mackerel; sardine; sausage; tuna fish.

The T.C.M. Committee looks forward to your continued support and thanks you for your contributions throughout the year.

With best regards,
Rhena Williams (Chairman)
Tuesday Charity Outreach Ministry
Tel: 876-383-2795