St. Clement’s Mission


Address: 2A Cresent Road, Kencot, Kingston 10.

Telephone: 876-906-9518

The St. Clement’s Mission is a Chapel of Ease of the St. Andrew Parish Church. The St. Andrew Parish Church has several Out Reach Programmes in which it demonstrates in a practical way its commitment to the society and to the welfare of those groups in communities which are in greatest need of nurture and assistance.

The St. Clement’s Mission Development Centre undertakes the Out-reach Programmes of the St. Clement’s Mission serving the Community of Kencot. The Mission operates a Development Centre which carries out projects and programmes in the community.

The main objective is to contribute towards the social and economic development of the residents. This is accomplished through:

  • Skills Training Courses – Hospitality Industry (Dining Room and Restaurant Service), Floral Arrangement, Childcare in private homes and Adult Education.
  • Summer Programme for young children and youth.
  • Home Work Assistance for students of All-Age, Primary and High Schools.
  • Assistance in finding employment.
  • Counselling.
  • Facilitate citizen’s communication with Government and Private Sector Agencies on civic matters and community improvement.
  • Involvement with Youth in community by formation of youth group to develop leadership qualities, team work, discipline, work ethics, desirable social interaction and acceptance of authority.

Many of the persons trained in the Dining Room and Restaurant Service of the Hospitality Industry are gainfully employed primarily for private functions, and in Guest Houses and Hotels.

Currently, the Home Work Assistance programme has an average attendance of 25 children ranging in ages from 6 – 17 years. This programme is carried out four (4) afternoons per week per term and includes assistance with home work, discipline and deportment, and social development activities such as singing, art, choral speaking quiz and drama. A meal is provided each afternoon.

All training courses and programmes operating out of the Development Centre are offered to participants free of charge.