Church Staff


The Very Revd. Canon Sirrano Kitson, D.Min.
Rural Dean, St. Andrew

Revd. Fr. Bertram Gayle
Assistant Curate

Revd. Fr. Claude Campbell
Supplementary Clergy

Sister Andrea Taylor-Smith
Church Army

Office Administrator & Operations Officer:Mrs. Merle Thomas
Administrative Assistant:Mrs. Hortense James
Verger:Ms. Ann Morrison
Treasurer:Mrs. Tanya Watson-Francis
Chairman, Finance Committee:Hon. Michael Fennell
Director, S.A.P.C. Choir:Mr. Audley Davidson
Director, Alleluia Choir:Ms. Yvonne Sterrett


  • Mr. Paul Bicknell
  • Mr. Audley Davidson
  • Mrs. June Spence
  • Mrs. Jacqueline Wright-James

Church Committee (2023)

  • Ex-officio Members of the Church Committee and Members of the Incorporated Lay Body:
Mr. Alvaro CasserlyMember, Incorporated Lay Body
Hon. Dr. Vincent LawrenceMember, Incorporated Lay Body
  • Elected Members:
Mr. Dwayne McKenzieRector’s Warden & Deanery Representative
Ms. Lisa CampbellPeople’s Warden
Mrs. Tanya Watson-FrancisTreasurer
Mrs. Suzanne Harris-HenrySecretary, Church Committee
Mrs. Pauline GreenLay Representative to Synod
Mr. Ludlow BowieChairman Property & Building Committee
Mr. Norman Davis
Mr. Rohan Scott
Mr. Sterling Soares
Mrs. Paulette Thompson
Mr. Adam West
Mrs. Katherine Williamson-Teape

Selection Committee

Mr. Dwayne McKenzieRector’s Warden
Ms. Lisa CampbellPeople’s Warden
Mr. Sterling Soares