Church Staff


The Very Rev. Canon Sirrano Kitson, D.Min.
Rural Dean, St. Andrew


Rev. Fr. Craig Mears
Assistant Clergy


Rev. Fr. Claude Campbell
Supplementary Clergy



Rev. Deacon Bertram Gayle
Assistant Curate


Sister Andrea Taylor-Smith
Church Army


Office Administrator & Operations Officer:Mrs. Merle Thomas
Receptionist:Ms. Roslyn Reid
Administrative Assistant:Mrs. Hortense James
Verger:Mr. Vernon Miranda
Assistant Verger:Ms. Ann Morrison
Treasurer:Mrs. Tanya Watson-Francis
Chairman, Finance Committee:Hon. Michael Fennell
Director, S.A.P.C. Choir:Mr. Audley Davidson
Director, Alleluia Choir:Ms. Yvonne Sterrett


  • Mr. Paul Bicknell
  • Mr. Audley Davidson
  • Mrs. June Spence
  • Mrs. Jacqueline Wright-James

Church Committee (2021)

  • Ex-officio Members of the Church Committee and Members of the Incorporated Lay Body:
Mr. Alvaro CasserlyMember, Incorporated Lay Body
Hon. Michael FennellChairman, Diocesan Financial Board
Hon. Dr. Vincent LawrenceMember, Incorporated Lay Body
  • Elected Members:
Mr. Dwayne McKenzieRector’s Warden & Deanery Representative
Dr. Nigel ElliottPeople’s Warden
Mrs. Tanya Watson-FrancisTreasurer
Mrs. Twanya SutherlandSecretary, Church Committee
Mrs. Pauline GreenLay Representative to Synod
Mr. Sterling SoaresLay Representative to Synod
Mrs. Ruby Anderson
Mr. Norman Davis
Mrs. Donna Evelyn
Mr. Douglas Folkes
Mr. Fontain Jones
Mr. Gordon Lawrence
Mrs. Sandra Watson
Mr. Adam West

Selection Committee

Mr. Dwayne McKenzieRector’s Warden
Dr. Nigel ElliottPeople’s Warden
Mr. Douglas Folkes