Did you know? (Sunday, March 12, 2023)

“Baptism after all, has been known from the earliest times as the “sacrament of faith.” The role of faith in baptism is crucial. A sacrament is a celebration in which the Church expresses her inner life as caught up in the mystery of God, saving the world in his love. It is the making visible of the Church’s hidden unity with Christ. In baptism the community celebrates its own faith, expressing its trusting obedience to the God who has made himself known to us in Jesus. Baptism is thus the sacrament, or visible expression, of the community’s faith in and reliance upon Jesus Christ. Baptism is the celebration of people turning to that faith: so it is the celebration of their faith, too. They and the Church together profess their shared faith.”

Christening: the making of Christians
by Prof. Mark Searle