Did you know? (Sunday, January 29, 2023)

If you haven’t taken down your Christmas tree as yet, you have company! It is the tradition of some Christian communities to keep Christmas decorations up until February 2. On that day, the Church commemorates the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple. The Feast brings together two major events that took place in the Jerusalem temple as is recorded in Luke 2:2-40. These are 1) Mary’s ritual purification after giving birth to a boy, and 2) Jesus’ parents offering him, their firstborn son, to God. Both activities follow the law (Leviticus 12 and Exodus 13). In the temple, Jesus met two elderly people, Simeon and Anna. Simeon referred to Jesus as a “light.” For this reason, the Feast is also called “Candlemas.” In many churches, the candles used for the rest of the year are brought together and blessed. The blessed candles serve as a symbol of Jesus, the Light of the World.