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Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost (Year C)
Sunday, August 19, 2007

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Growing through Faith, Commitment and Action
Parish News
Prayers Of Intercession
Sick and Shut-In Members
Psalm 82
Hymn: Speak Lord in the Stillness
Today's Services

"Growing through Faith, Commitment and Action"

Almighty God, by your grace you have given us new life in
Jesus Christ and by your Spirit you have called us to
proclaim Him as Saviour by word and action. Teach
us to walk in your way more trustfully, to accept
your truth more faithfully and to share your life
more lovingly. By the power of the Holy Spirit guide
us in our work for the church, so that we may come
as one family to the Kingdom of the Father, where
you live and reign forever. Amen.

(A Prayer for Renewal and Mission)

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Parish News

Please be reminded that during the month of August the times for Services will be: 6:30 a.m., 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. At all Services there will be the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. There will be no mid-week services during the month of August.

There will be a Diocesan service at the National Arena on Sunday, October 7, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. during the visit of the Archbishop of York and Primate of England, the Most Rev. and Rt. Hon. John Sentamu, as part of the Diocese ’ s commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade.

Confirmation Classes are scheduled to commence on Wednesday, September 12 for Adults and Friday September 14 for Juniors.

Did you know?

The sacrament of confession and absolution is also known as Reconciliation of a Penitent or Penance. This is a rite in which those who repent of their sins may confess them to God in the presence of a priest, and receive the assurance of pardon and the grace of absolution. The service is outlined on page 326–328 [BCP].

We are inviting you to share your thoughts and suggestions relating to our ministry here at St. Andrew's. Please email your comments to us at

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Please remember to pray for our sick and shut-in members.

Shut-In Members

  • Dorothy Kirkwood
  • Edna Brassington
  • Clara McGilchrist
  • Marguerite Maxwell

Sick Members

  • Avril Fuller
  • Coritta Sewell
  • Sherman Bentley
  • Eric Deavers
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Prayers Of Intercession

Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

Leader: We give thanks that we share in the inheritance of your saints. Grant us and your whole church a spirit of discipline and perseverance; let us not grow slack in well- doing or in our devotion to you. Lord, make us a holy church, a healing church, a hospitable church. We pray for all who are new to the faith, the newly baptized, and the newly confirmed. We remember any whose faith is wavering or who have lost vision.
Holy and Mighty God,
All: we keep our hope fixed on you.
Leader: Lord of righteousness, we pray for fair dealing and justice in our world: we remember before you all involved in commerce and world trade. We pray that the multinational companies may deal with integrity and with respect for all. We ask that all captives to debt and corruption may find freedom.
Holy and Mighty God,
All: we keep our hope fixed on you.
Leader: We pray for all who work to provide us with our daily needs: we remember all who work in the service industries, all who supply us with food, heat, light and shelter. We ask your blessing upon our loved ones and friends, upon our neighbourhood and our places of work.
Holy and Mighty God,
All: we keep our hope fixed on you.
Leader: God of power, we pray for all exhausted people, and for people who live in areas where the land or resources are exhausted. We remember before you all who are weary and worn, all too tired to enjoy life. We pray for those who are suffering from a breakdown, all who cannot cope. We pray for friends and loved ones who are in trouble or who are ill…
Holy and Mighty God,
All: we keep our hope fixed on you.
Leader: Lord, we give thanks that you renew, refresh and restore us; we pray for all who have passed through the shadow of death and entered life and light everlasting.
Holy and Mighty God,

we keep our hope fixed on you.

(Silence may be kept)

All: O God, our Father, among the many distractions of the world, keep our eyes, our minds, our hearts fixed on our Lord Jesus Christ, the pioneer and per- fecter of our faith, that at the last we may come to the fullness of your eternal kingdom; through the same Christ our Lord who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, world without end. Amen.

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Psalm 82

God stands in heaven ’ s council hall,
Among the gods he judges right;
“ How long will you be so unjust
And help the wicked by your might?
Now save the orphan and the weak,
Defend the humble, those in need,
Rescue the poor, those without strength,
And save them from the wicked ’ s greed.

They do not know nor understand;
Though blind, they shake the whole wide earth;
So now I say, ‘ Though you are gods
Whom the Most High has brought to birth,
Yet like all mortals you shall die,
As any prince be overthrown, ’”
Arise, O God, and rule the earth
And take all nations for your own.

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Hymn: Speak Lord in the Stillness

  1. Speak, Lord in the stillness,
    while we wait on Thee;
    hushed our hearts to listen
    in expectancy.

  2. Speak, O blessed Master,
    in this quiet hour;
    let us see Thy face, Lord,
    feel Thy touch of power.

  3. For the words Thou speakest,
    they are life indeed;
    living bread from heaven,
    now our spirits feed!

  4. All to Thee is yielded,
    we are not our own;
    blissful, glad surrender
    we are Thine alone.

  5. Speak, Thy servant heareth!
    Be not silent, Lord;
    wait our souls upon Thee
    for the quickening word!

  6. Fill us with the knowledge
    of Thy glorious will;
    all Thine own good pleasure
    in us Lord fulfill.

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Today's Services

Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

6:30 a.m.
(Book of Common Prayer)
8:00 a.m.
Processional 4
Old Testament Jeremiah 23: 23– 29
[Mr. Trevor Blake]
Psalm 82 (All Stand)
Epistle Hebrews 12:1-7;11-14
[Miss Kathryn Thompson]
Gradual Speak, Lord, in the stillness
Gospel Luke 12: 49-56
Sermon Rev. Dr. David Kuck
The Prayers of Intercession  
Offertory 289
Communion 341, 299, 389


6:00 p.m.

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