Sunday Bulletin

Fourth Sunday in Lent (Year C)
Sunday, March 18, 2007

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Growing through Faith, Commitment and Action
Parish News
Prayers Of Intercession
Sick and Shut-In Members
Hymn: All The Way My Saviour Leads Me
Hymn: I Am The Bread Of Life
Hymn: Praise With Joy The World's Creator
Chorus: You Are My Hiding Place
Chorus: Jesus Name Above All Names
Today's Services
Activities This Week

Beloved People of God,

As the people of the Baptized we are committed to worship and witness. Today we focus on worship from Rick Warren's book 'The Purpose Driven Life':

"God is pleased when our worship is authentic. When Jesus said you must "worship in spirit," he wasn't referring to the Holy Spirit, but to your spirit. Made in God's image, you are a spirit that resides in a body, and God designed your spirit to communicate with him. Worship is your spirit responding to God's Spirit. When Jesus said, "Love God with all your heart and soul" he meant that worship must be genuine and heartfelt. It is not just a matter of saying the right words; you must mean what you say. Heartless praise is not praise at all! It is worthless, an insult to God.

When we worship, God looks past our words to see the attitude of our hearts. The Bible says, "Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." Since worship involves delighting in God, it engages your emotions. God gave you emotions so you could worship him with deep feeling - but those emotions must be genuine, not faked. God hates hypocrisy. He doesn't want showmanship or pretense or phoniness in worship. He wants your honest, real love. We can worship God imperfectly, but we cannot worship him insincerely.

Of course, sincerity alone is not enough; you can be sincerely wrong. That's why both spirit and truth are required. Worship must be both accurate and authentic. God-pleasing worship is deeply emotional and deeply doctrinal. We use both our hearts and our heads.

Today many equate being emotionally moved by music as being moved by the Spirit, but these are not the same. Real worship happens when your spirit responds to God, not to some musical tone. In fact, some sentimental, introspective songs hinder worship because they take the spotlight off God and focus on our feelings. Your biggest distraction in worship is yourself - your interests and your worries over what others think about you.

Christians often differ on the most appropriate or authentic way to express praise to God, but these arguments usually just reflect personality and background differences. Many forms of praise are mentioned in the Bible, among them confessing, singing, shouting, standing in honor, kneeling, dancing, making a joyful noise, testifying, playing musical instruments, and raising hands. The best style of worship is the one that most authentically represents your love for God, based on the background and personality God gave you.

Sirrano Kitson

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"Growing through Faith, Commitment and Action"

Almighty God, by your grace you have given us new life in
Jesus Christ and by your Spirit you have called us to
Proclaim Him as Saviour by word and action. Teach
us to walk in your way more trustfully, to accept
your truth more faithfully and to share your life
more lovingly. By the power of the Holy Spirit guide
us in our work for the church, so that we may come
as one family to the Kingdom of the Father, where
you live and reign forever. Amen.

(A Prayer for Renewal and Mission)

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Parish News

Congratulations to Miss Marion Leon a shut-in member, who celebrated her 104th birthday on March 13, 2007.

The church is in need of a Project Coordinator and would welcome volunteers from the church family also St. Clements Mission is looking for volunteers for their music ministry please contact the Church Office.

Condolences to the families of Rev. Canon A. Hugh Smythe and Mrs. Ivy Russell- Brown.

All are invited to attend the Fellowship Group Silent Retreat on Saturday, March 24, 2007, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at the United Theological College. The theme is "Sit, Walk and Stand in Christ." The Presenters are Rev. Major Sirrano Kitson, Rev. Fr. Michael Allen and Rev. Dr. David Kuck. The cost is $850.00 please confirm to the church office by Tuesday, March 20, 2007.

Learn about the Practices of the Anglican Church. Rev'd Canon Ernle Gordon leads this interesting session on Saturday, March 31 from 11:00am - 1:00pm at the St. Andrew Parish Church Hall. For further information contact the Young Adults at 868-3291.


The Prayer that we say while making the sign of the cross is derived from Jesus' command, reported in Matthew 28:19, that the church should baptize new disciples "in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Each time we make the sign of the cross we express our belief in and commitment to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and we acknowledge their work of creation, salvation and sanctification.

Activities this week ...

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Please remember to pray for our sick and shut-in members and for the families who have lost loved ones.

Shut-In Members

  • Gerda Dixon
  • Rupert Guthrie
  • Peter Myers
  • Kathleen Lewis-Bennett

Sick Members

  • Wyclliffe Williams
  • Myrtle Gordon
  • Merton Wright
  • Robert Sayle
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Prayers Of Intercession

Fourth Sunday in Lent

Leader: Holy God, when we wander from the way, call us
back; when we stray from the truth, redirect us; when
we do not live life to the full, inspire and refresh us.
may we and your whole church follow him who is the
way, the truth and the life. We pray for all who have
wandered away from the faith, for all who have lost
touch with you and your love. We remember all who
are pilgrims and seekers.
Lord, we turn to you.
All: Enfold us in your peace.
Leader: Lord God, we pray for all who have been separated
from loved ones, through war or circumstance, for
those who have left home and become lost. We
remember those who live on the streets of our cities.
We pray for all who live in poverty and debt.
Lord, we turn to you.
All: Enfold us in your peace.
Leader: We give thanks for our families, our parents and all
who love us. We pray especially for those who are
dear to us but with whom we have lost contact. We ask your blessing upon all who are taken into care, for all separated from loved ones through illness.
Lord, we turn to you.
All: Enfold us in your peace.
Leader: Lord, we pray for places where your glory is marred or
scarred: for all who live in slum dwellings, for all who
do not have enough to eat or someone to care for them. We remember all lonely and distressed people. We ask Your blessing upon all who are ill at home or in
Lord, we turn to you.
All: Enfold us in your peace.
Leader: We pray for all whom you have called home into your
kingdom where sorrow and pain are no more. We
remember especially …………..
Lord, we turn to you.

Enfold us in your peace.

(Silence may be kept)

All: Lord of all compassion, we return to you like
children who had wandered away: we trust in
your love, we rejoice in your mercy, we know
you will accept us. Lord, enfold us in your peace, and forgive us our sins; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, to whom with you and the Holy Spirit be all honour and glory now and for ever. Amen.

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Hymn: All The Way My Saviour Leads Me

  1. All the way my Saviour leads me;
    What have I to ask beside?
    Can I doubt His tender mercy,
    Who thru life has been my guide?
    Heav'nly peace, divinest comfort,
    Here by faith in Him to dwell!
    For I know whate'er befall me,
    Jesus doeth all things well; well.

  2. All the way my Saviour leads me;
    Cheers each winding path I tread,
    Gives me grace for ev'ry trial,
    Feeds me with the living bread:
    Tho my weary steps may falter,
    And my soul a- thirst may be,
    Gushing from the Rock before me,
    Lo! a spring of joy I see; see.

  3. All the way my Saviour leads me;
    Oh, the fullness of His love!
    Perfect rest to me is promised
    In my Father's house above:
    When my spirit, cloth'd immortal,
    Wings its flight to realms of day,
    This my song thru endless ages:
    Jesus led me all the way; way.

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Hymn: I Am The Bread Of Life

  1. I am the bread, the bread of life;
    who comes to Me will never hunger.
    I am the bread, the bread of heaven;
    Who feeds on Me will never die.
    And as you eat, remember Me -
    My body broken on the tree:
    My life was given to set you free,
    and I'm alive for evermore.

  2. I am the vine, the living vine;
    apart from Me you can do nothing.
    I am the vine the real vine:
    abide in Me and I in you.
    As you drink, remember Me -
    My blood was shed upon the tree:
    My life was given to set you free,
    and I'm alive for evermore.

  3. So eat this bread, and drink this wine,
    And as you do, receive this life of Mine.
    All that I am I give to you,
    that you may live for evermore.
    And as you eat …….

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Hymn: Praise With Joy The World's Creator

  1. Praise with joy the world's Creator,
    God of justice, love and peace,
    source and end of human knowledge,
    God whose grace shall never cease.
    celebrate the Maker's glory,
    Power to rescue and release.

  2. Praise the Christ who feeds the hungry,
    frees the captive, finds the lost,
    heals the sick, upsets religion,
    fearless both of fate and cost.
    celebrate Christ's constant presence:
    friend and stranger, guest and host.

  3. Praise the Spirit sent among us,
    liberating truth from pride,
    forging bonds where race or gender,
    age or nation dare divide.
    Celebrate the Spirit's treasure:
    foolishness none dare deride.

  4. Praise the Maker, Christ, and Spirit,
    One God in community,
    calling Christians to embody
    oneness and diversity.
    This the world shall see reflected:
    God is One and One in Three.

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Chorus: You Are My Hiding Place

You are my hiding place,
You always fill my heart with songs
of deliverance whenever I am afraid
I will trust in you, I will trust in you,
let the weak say: I am strong

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Chorus: Jesus Name Above All Names

Jesus, name above allnames,
beautiful Saviour, glorious Lord;
Emanuel, God is with us,
blessed Redeemer, living Word.
in the strength of my God.

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Today's Services

Fourth Sunday in Lent

6:30 a.m.
(Book of Common Prayer)
7:30 a.m.
(Corporate for the Women's Working Committee)
Introit Praise With Joy The World's Creator
Old Testament

Joshua 5:9-12
[Mrs. Leila Parker-Robinson]

Psalm 34:1-8 [BCP page 508]
(Refrain) "Taste and see that
the Lord is good."
(All Sit - No Gloria)
Epistle 2 Corinthians 5:17-21
[Miss Kirby Clarke]
Gradual 84 [Children leave for Sunday School]
Gospel Luke 15:11-32
Sermon Mr. Rory Honeyghan
The Prayers of intercession  
Offertory 315
Communion 329, 395,
I Am The Bread Of Life,
You Are My Hiding Place,
Jesus Name Above All Names
Recessional All The Way My Savior Leads Me
9:45 a.m.
Processional Praise With Joy The World's Creator
Venite [BCP page 36]
Psalm 34:1-8 [BCP page 508]
(All Stand)
First Reading Joshua 5:9-12
Benedictus [BCP page 40]
Second Reading Luke 15:11-32
Hymn 84
Sermon Mr. Rory Honeyghan
Hymns 315, All The Way My Savior Leads Me
6:00 p.m.
Introit Praise With Joy The World's Creator
Old Testament Joshua 5:9-12
Psalm 34:1-8 [BCP page 508]
Gradual 84
Gospel Luke 15:11-32
Sermon Rev. Major Sirrano Kitson
Offeratory 315
Recessional All The Way My Savior Leads Me

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Activities This Week

March 19

9:00 a.m.

5:30 p.m.

Holy Eucharist
(The Feast of St. Joseph)

Bible Study

March 20

9:00 a.m.
5:30 p.m.

Holy Eucharist
Finance Committee

March 21

6:30 a.m.
7:30 a.m.
5:30 p.m.
6:00 p.m
6:00 p.m..

Holy Eucharist
Church Grounds and Environs Committee
Grief Support Group
Church Committee Meeting
Confirmation Class for Seniors

March 22
5:30 p.m.
5:30 p.m.

Lenten Devotions
Senior Choir Rehearsal

March 23
9:00 a.m.
6:00 p.m.
Holy Eucharist
Confirmation Class for Juniors
March 24
11:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m.
4:30 p.m.
Little Brothers of St. Andrew
Youth Choir Rehearsal
Youth Fellowship

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