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Last Sunday after the Epiphany (Year C)
Sunday, February 18, 2007

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Growing through Faith, Commitment and Action
Parish News
Prayers Of Intercession
Sick and Shut-In Members
Hymn: Shine, Jesus, Shine
Hymn: Taste And See The Goodness Of The Lord
Hymn: God Has Spoken
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Dear People of God,

Sometimes we hear about the challenges and difficulties of life that many of us have to face, and the choices that we make with what we have. With this in mind, I quote from an article by the 'Parish Publishing':

"We occasionally hear poverty romanticized, as though growing up poor somehow makes us better people. In reality, however, neither poverty nor plenty are, by themselves, guarantors of good character. Too often, in fact, poverty crushes the human spirit and robs us of the hope that makes us strive to succeed.

Someone who experienced both poverty and plenty put it "I've been rich and I've been poor, and I like rich better."

Jesus sat one day in the temple and watched people drop their gifts of money into the treasury. He noticed an impoverished widow drop in two small coins, all that she had. This woman was having a hard way to go. Without a husband, she was dependent in that society on the capricious whims of charity.

There is painting of this widow by artist A.D. Rahn, which pictures her dropping her coins with one hand, while holding a child's hand with her other. That work of art drew me up short, for it made me realize that I have always pictured this woman as elderly. In fact, she may well have been a young woman with not only herself to feed, but small children as well. And that casts a different light on her story, for we can imagine what reasonable arguments might have run through her head as she debated what to do about the temple offering. But the fact is, she chose to give all she had. Jesus instantly understood the powerful significance of what she had done, and pointed her action out to his disciples as an example of real sacrifice.

It is important to notice that Jesus does not in any way condemn the other givers for the size of their gifts; he simply makes the point that the meaning of a gift is best measured by what is left after the gift is made. In terms of buying power, the widow's offering was insignificant, but the devotion that motivated her gift was phenomenal. The gift the widow gave to the temple treasury was not just two small copper coins; it was a gift of devotion and faith. By giving to the temple the only money she had - the cost of her family's next meal - she was expressing a devotion to God that is quite rare.

Those people who Jesus saw in the temple making substantial contributions of cash were not wrong, but what they were giving, when it came out of a much larger abundance …. they had plenty left. The widow, who gave until she had nothing left, was giving something of herself. We need the kind of devotion that is self-giving, that is costly in the deeper sense of the word. We need the kind of devotion to God's causes that makes people willing to give of themselves, but we also need the widow's gift."

Yours in Christ

Sirrano Kitson

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"Growing through Faith, Commitment and Action"

Almighty God, by your grace you have given us new life in
Jesus Christ and by your Spirit you have called us to
Proclaim Him as Saviour by word and action. Teach
us to walk in your way more trustfully, to accept
your truth more faithfully and to share your life
more lovingly. By the power of the Holy Spirit guide
us in our work for the church, so that we may come
as one family to the Kingdom of the Father, where
you live and reign forever. Amen.

(A Prayer for Renewal and Mission)

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Parish News

Congrats to our Sunday School Quiz team which won 2nd` place at the inaugural St. Andrew Deanery Sunday School Bible Quiz Competition. St. Luke's and St. Jude's placed first and third, respectively

You are reminded of our Ash Wednesday observance on Wednesday of this week. The Holy Eucharist and Imposition of Ashes will be celebrated at 8:00 a.m. followed by a Quiet Morning, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon. Our Lenten Devotions commence Thursday March 1, 5:30 p.m. and the Rev. Canon Ralston Smith will be our Presenter

Our Youth Retreat will be at the Church Hall, Ellesmere Road Friday and Saturday, March 9/10. Our Adult Retreat will be at the Hillcrest Retreat Centre, Friday March 2 to Sunday March 4. Cost per person is $4,000. Please call the church office to register.


On February 2 the Church celebrated the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple (St. Luke 2: 22-40). This feast comes forty days after Christmas Day and marks an event in the infancy of Jesus recorded in the New Testament only in Luke's Gospel It is a feast that commemorates and celebrates the revelation of Jesus as the "light to the nations" mentioned in Isaiah 42:6.

Activities this week ...

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Please remember to pray for our sick and shut-in members and for the families who have lost loved ones.

Shut-In Members

  • Ruby May Campbell
  • Arthur Crooks
  • Jemima Austin
  • Maurice Boremen

Sick Members

  • Marcine O'Meally
  • Marion Leon
  • Avril Fuller
  • Courtney Laidley
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Prayers Of Intercession

Last Sunday after the Epiphany

Leader: Lord, we pray that the glory of your presence may fill
our lives and be reflected in all that we do. We ask that
our churches may be radiant with your glory, that the
gospel is not veiled from sight but revealed in our
actions and witness. We pray for all preachers, for our
Bishops and Clergy, for ministers of the word and the
sacraments, that they will reveal to us the face of our
Lord Jesus Christ. We remember especially all who are
suffering for their faith.
Lord, let your glory be about us
All: and fill our hearts and minds.
Leader: We give thanks for all who add beauty and glory to our
world. We pray for artists, writer, musicians and crafts-
people; for gardeners, architects, planner and for all who
influence our daily life. We pray for all who live in
desolate areas and places of deprivation.
Lord, let your glory be about us
All: and fill our hearts and minds.
Leader: We give thanks for all who have enriched our lives and
improved our environment. We pray for those who work
to meet our daily needs. We ask your blessing upon our
homes and places of work, upon our friends and our
loved ones.
Lord, let your glory be about us
All: and fill our hearts and minds.
Leader: We pray for all who are finding life dull or drab, for all
who are getting no joy or satisfaction out of their life.
we remember the stressed and the distressed, the over-
worked and the over-anxious. We pray also for all who suffer
from defective hearing or vision, especially any
who are losing the use of their faculties. We ask for
comfort and strength for all who are ill, especially …….
Lord, let your glory be about us
All: and fill our hearts and minds.
Leader: Lord, we pray that we may be changed from glory to
glory. We pray for all who now see you face to face,
all who rejoice in the glory of your nearer presence.
We pray especially for ………………..
Lord, let your glory be about us

and fill our hearts and minds.

(Silence may be kept)

All: Almighty Father, God of grace and goodness, awaken us to your glory, that our lives may reflect your radiance, that we may share in your likeness, and in walking the way of Christ our Lord may reveal your love to the world; through the same Christ our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.

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Hymn: Shine, Jesus, Shine

  1. Lord, the light of your love is shining
    In the midst of the darkness, shining
    Jesus, Light of the world, shine upon us
    Set us free by the truth you now bring us
    Shine on me, shine one me.

    Shine, Jesus, shine
    Fill this land with the Father's glory
    Blaze, Spirit, blaze
    Set our hearts on fire
    Flow, river, flow
    Flood the nations with grace and mercy
    Send forth your word
    Lord, and let there be light.

  2. Lord, I come to your awesome presence
    From the shadows into your radiance
    By the blood I may enter your brightness
    Search me, try me, consume all my darkness
    Shine on me, shine on me.


  3. As we gaze on your kingly brightness
    Be our faces display your likeness
    Ever changing from glory to glory
    Mirrored here may our lives tell your story
    Shine on me, shine on me.


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Hymn: Taste And See The Goodness Of The Lord

Taste and see.
Taste and see the goodness of the Lord,
O taste and see
Taste and see the goodness of the Lord, of the Lord.

  1. I will bless the Lord at all times
    His praise shall always be on my lips;
    My soul shall glory in the Lord;
    For He has been so good to me.


  2. Glorify the Lord with me.
    Together let us all praise his name.
    I called the Lord and he answered me;
    From all my troubles he set me free.


  3. Worship the Lord all you people.
    You'll want for nothing if you ask.
    Taste and see that God is good
    In him we need put all out trust.


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Hymn: God Has Spoken

  1. God has spoken by His prophets,
    Spoken His unchanging word;
    Each from age to age proclaiming
    God the One, the righteous Lord;
    In the world's despair and turmoil
    One firm anchor still holds fast:
    God is King, His throne eternal,
    God the First and God the Last.

  2. God has spoken by Christ Jesus,
    Christ, the everlasting Son;
    Brightness of the Father's glory,
    With the Father ever one:
    Spoken by the Word incarnate,
    Life before all time began,
    Light of light to earth descending,
    God, revealed as Son of Man.

  3. God is speaking by His Spirit
    Speaking to our hearts again;
    In the age-long word expounding
    God's own message, now as then.
    Through the rise and fall of nations
    One sure faith is standing fast:
    God abides, His word unchanging,
    God the First and God the Last.

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Today's Services

Last Sunday after the Epiphany

6:30 a.m.
(Book of Common Prayer)
7:30 a.m.
Introit 7
Old Testament

Exodus 34: 29-35
[Mrs Barbara Abrahams]

Psalm 99 [BCP page 597]
(Refrain) "Proclaim the greatness of
the Lord our God; he is the Holy One."
(All Sit - No Gloria)
Epistle 1Corinthians 12:27- 13:13
[Mr. Horace Abrahams]
Gradual 559 [Children leave for Sunday School]
Gospel Luke 9: 28-36
Sermon Rev. Dr. David Kuck
Offertory God Has Spoken by His Prophets
Communion 349, 392,
Taste And See, 419
Recessional Shine Jesus Shine
9:45 a.m.
Processional 7

[BCP page 36]

Psalm 99 [BCP page 597]
(All Sit)
First Reading Exodus 34:29-35
Benedictus [BCP page 40]
Second Reading Luke 9:28-36
Hymn 559
Sermon Rev. Dr. David Kuck
Hymns God Has Spoken By His Prophets,
Shine Jesus Shine
6:00 p.m.

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Activities This Week

February 19

5:30 p.m.

Bible Study

February 20

9:00 a.m.

Holy Eucharist

February 21

8:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m.

Holy Eucharist and
Imposition of Ashes
"Quiet Morning"

February 22
5:30 p.m.

Senior Choir Rehearsal

February 23
9:00 a.m.
6:00 p.m.
Holy Eucharist
Confirmation Class for Juniors
February 24
10:00 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m.
4:30 p.m.
Brotherhood of St. Andrew
Little Brothers of St. Andrew
Youth Choir Rehearsal
Youth Fellowship

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