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Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost (Year B)
Sunday, October 15, 2006

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You Are Standing on Holy Ground
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This Week at St. Andrew's

Beloved Friends,

Preparation is a large part of our daily lives. We prepare for work and for school, taking the time to get ourselves ready. We prepare meals, whether it's a normal Sunday Dinner or a special occasion. The more important the event, the more time we spend preparing. But what about going to Church to worship? How do we prepare ourselves for the event? It is not just about choosing what we will wear, but about spiritual preparation.

The liturgy itself takes seriously the importance of being prepared. It seeks to get us ready in the opening prayer or introductory rites. As we have come from our busy lives and the many responsibilities that we face, we carry with us the joys and pain, the struggles and challenges, the questions and anxieties. We come from various households, some content with the achievements of the week and others struggling with young children, teenagers, coping with a difficult relationship or caring for an infirm parent. We come to gather as the Body of Christ to pray together, as we pray for those who find it difficult or hard to pray or are just not able. We come together as a community of the people of God in the faith of Jesus Christ.

This Eucharistic worship of the community begins with us taking a few moments to prepare ourselves through prayer to engage in what we come to do; to offer the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. The introductory rites channel our thoughts to be focused as a collective body. They call us to worship by opening with a hymn of praise to the Lord and to raise our hearts and voices together in song and prayer to the glory of God. The intention here is to help us to be receptive, to open our ears and our minds and our souls to the Ministry of the Word, beginning with the Collect of the day. During the entrance procession we sing together as a sign of our unity and this moves us into the Greeting and the Collect for Purity. We sing hymns, which enable us to remember why we have come here. These hymns are chosen to direct our attention on the Lord, who is the host, and to remind us of the feast or the liturgical season being celebrated.

"Now we are here," it says, "and now let us focus our minds and hearts in this new direction, the sacred experience!"

We extend a warm welcome to all those visiting with us today especially, the National Credit Union Movement.

Sirrano Kitson

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You Are Standing on Holy Ground

Be thoughtful, be silent, be reverent
for this is the House of God and you
are standing on Holy Ground.

Before the Service - prepare by prayer to
meet the Lord.

During the Service - let the voice of the Lord
speak to you.

After the Service - share your experience of the
Lord with others.

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Parish News

We congratulate all those who have been conferred with National Honours. Congratulations also to Mr. Westin Cole who celebrates his 72nd birthday tomorrow, October 16.

We express condolences to Mr. Roy Knight on the death of his sister, Dorothy Whittaker; to Mr. Relan Barrett on the death of his wife Ina and the relatives of Mrs. Linnett Pink.

REMINDERS! THE ST.ANDREW DEANERY SUNDAY SCHOOL COUNCIL presents a Gospel Concert on Saturday October 28, 5:30 p.m. at the Church Hall, Ellesmere Road. Guest artistes include Christopher Martin, 2005 Rising Star winner.

Next Sunday we celebrate HARVEST THANKSGIVING. Please remember to use your Harvest envelope and give as you have been blest for the work of the Church. Your gifts of ground provisions and other products should be delivered here by 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. This is an opportunity to give to God the best that we are and the best that we have.

We invite applications for the post of ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER in our church office.

This week at St. Andrew's ...

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Today's Services

The Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

7:30 a.m.

(Corporate for The Women's Working Committee)

Programmes will be provided

Processional 257

[BCP page 36]

Psalm 90: 1-8 [BCP page 587]
(All Stand)
First Reading Amos 5: 6-7, 10-15
Benedictus [BCP page 40]
Second Reading Mark 10: 17-27
Hymn 310
Sermon Rev. Major Sirrano Kitson
Hymns 361, 226
Introit 257
Old Testament

Amos 5: 6-7, 10-15

Psalm 90: 1-8 [BCP page 587]
Gradual 310
Gospel Mark 10: 17-27
Sermon Rev. Major Sirrano Kitson
Offertory 361
Recessional 226

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This Week at St. Andrew's

October 16

4:30 p.m.
5:30 p.m.

Blood Pressure Clinic
Bible Study

October 17

9:00 a.m.

Holy Eucharist

October 18

6:30 a.m.

5:30 p.m.
6:00 p.m

Holy Eucharist
(Feast of St. Luke)

Grief Support Group
Confirmation Class for Adults

October 19

5:30 p.m.
5:30 p.m.
6:00 p.m.

Senior Choir Rehearsal
Supper Committee
Church Committee

October 20
9:00 a.m.
6:00 p.m.
Holy Eucharist
Confirmation Class for Juniors
October 21
11:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m.
4:30 p.m.
Little Brothers of St. Andrew
Youth Choir Rehearsal
Youth Fellowship

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