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Sixth Sunday After Pentecost (Year B)
Missionary Sunday
Sunday, July 16, 2006

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A Habit of Giving
Parish News
Prayers Of Intercession
Sick and Shut-In Members
Hymn: And can it be that I should gain
Hymn: We Have A Gospel To Proclaim
Today's Services
This Week at St. Andrew's

Beloved Friends,

As the Anglican Communion faces many issues which have affected the matrix of the relationship between the churches worldwide, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Dr. Rowan Williams has released a Reflection for the Bishops, Clergy and faithful of the Church. In speaking to the Challenge and Hope of being an Anglican today, he writes against the background of the burning issue of the blessing of same sex relationships and the consecration as Bishop of an openly practicing gay priest by the Diocese of New Hampshire of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America, and within the context of our understanding of how we make decisions as churches within the framework of the Anglican Communion. A review of an extract of the Archbishops reflections is instructive.

"The reason Anglicanism is worth bothering with is because it has tried to find a way of being a Church that is neither tightly centralized nor just a loose federation of essentially independent bodies - a Church that is seeking to be a coherent family of communities meeting to hear the Bible read, to break bread and share wine as guests of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate a unity in worldwide mission and ministry. That is what the word, "Communion" means for Anglicans, and it is a vision that has taken clearer shape in many of our ecumenical dialogues…. we have tried to be a family of Churches willing to learn from each other across cultural divides, not assuming that European (or American or African) wisdom is what settles everything, opening up the lives of Christians here to the realities of Christian experience elsewhere. And we have seen these links not primarily in a bureaucratic way but in relation to the common patterns of ministry and worship - the community gathered around Scripture and sacraments; a ministry of bishops, priests and deacons, a biblically- centred form of common prayer, a focus on the Holy Communion. These are the signs that we are not just a human organization but a community trying to respond to the action and the invitation of God that is made real for us in ministry and Bible and sacraments".

Today is Missionary Sunday when we focus on the mission and evangelism of the Church and the work of the Jamaica Church Missionary Society.

We extend a warm welcome to all our visitors and especially our members visiting from overseas. The peace of God be with us all.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

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A Habit of Giving

"Establishing a habit of giving helps you do more than lighten your load of possessions. It enhances and simplifies your relationship with God, with others and with the world around you."

Simple Living for Busy People ….Inspiro

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Parish News

Congratulations to Lloyd and Pauline Bryan who celebrate 52 years of marriage on 21st July.

The Home for Girls invites us to a benefit performance of the National Dance Theatre Company on Friday August 18. Contribution: $600.

The Women's Working Committee presents Jamaica Night and Fashion Show on Saturday, July 22 at 41 Millsborough Crescent, Kingston 6

On Wednesday of this week some of our young members will leave for a visit to St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Atlanta. We pray for journeying mercies and hope that their experience will be spiritually rewarding.

St. Andrew's Prayer For Mission

O Glorious Saint Andrew, you were the first to recognize and follow the Lamb of God. With your friend Saint John you remained with Jesus for that first day, for your entire life, and now throughout eternity.

As you led your brother Saint Peter to Christ and many others after him, draw us also to him. Teach us to lead others to Christ solely out of love for him and dedication in his service. Help us to learn the lesson of the Cross and to carry our daily crosses without complaint so that they may carry us to Jesus.

This week at St. Andrew's ...

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Please remember to pray for our sick and shut-in members.

Shut-In Members

  • Frederick Green
  • Rebecca Forbes
  • Roslyn Purville
  • Derissa Russell

Sick Members

  • Phyllis Ashby
  • Jemima Austin
  • Maurice Boreman
  • Lucille Boyd
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Prayers Of Intercession

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

Leader: We offer ourselves with all who have lived holy and dedicated lives; Lord, make us to be numbered with your saints.
We give thanks for the life and witness of Prophets, Apostles and Martyrs. We pray for all who have been imprisoned for their faith, for all who at this time are facing persecution or danger, for all who stand firmly for freedom and justice.
Show us your mercy, O Lord,
All: and grant us your salvation.
Leader: O Lord, support all
who seek to support others, all
who care for the homeless and
poverty-stricken, all who work
with prisoners or outcasts.
Give courage to all who seek to live in simplicity, to all who sacrifice themselves that others may live.
We pray for monastic communities, for monks and nuns, for all leading lives of quiet dedication.
Show us your mercy, O Lord,
All: and grant us your salvation.
Leader: We pray for all who speak out for the communities to which we belong, for councilors and community workers . Bless our homes, our families and friends, support with your love all who sustain family life. We pray for families that are in trouble at this time. Show us your mercy, O Lord,
All: and grant us your salvation.
Leader: God, lover of
the poor, be a strength to the
persecuted. We pray for those
who lack the resource they
need, for communities with
poor medical supplies, all who
lack food or shelter, any
denied a proper education. We
remember all in sickness, and
pray especially
Show us your
mercy, O Lord,
All: and grant us your salvation.
Leader: Glory to you, O
Lord, for you gave us the victory,
in you we triumph over death
and have life eternal. We pray
for the saints who stood firm
and witnessed to your love;
we pray for all
our loved ones departed.
Show us your
mercy, O Lord,

and grant us your salvation.

(Silence may be kept)



Blessed are you, God
and Father of our Lord Jesus
Christ, you have blessed us
with every spiritual blessing;
enable us by your power to be
true to our calling and live
holy and blameless before you
all our days; through Jesus
Christ our Lord, who is alive
and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, for
ever and ever.

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Hymn: And can it be that I should gain

  1. And can it be that I should gain
    an interest in the Saviour's blood?
    Died He for me, who caused His pain?
    For me, who Him to death pursued?
    Amazing love! how can it be
    That Thou, my God, shouldst die for me!

  2. Tis mystery all! The Immortal dies:
    Who can explore His strange design?
    In vain the first - born seraph tries
    to sound the depths of love divine.
    Tis mercy all! let earth adore,
    Let angel minds inquire no more.

  3. He left His Father's throne above
    so free, so infinite His grace
    emptied Himself of all but love,
    and bled for Adam's helpless race.
    Tis mercy all, immense and free;
    for, O my God, it found out me!

  4. Long my imprisoned spirit lay
    fast bound in sin and nature's night;
    Thine eye diffused a quickening ray
    I woke the dungeon flamed with light;
    My chains fell off, my heart was free,
    I rose, went forth, and followed Thee.

  5. No condemnation now I dread;
    Jesus, and all in Him, is mine!
    Alive in him, my living Head,
    And clothed in righteousness divine,
    Bold I approach the eternal throne,
    And claim the crown, through Christ, my own.

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Hymn: We Have A Gospel To Proclaim

  1. We have a gospel to proclaim, good news for all throughout the earth; the gospel of a Saviour's name: we sing his glory, tell his worth.

  2. Tell of his birth at Bethlehem,
    not in a royal house or hall,
    but in a stable dark and dim, the Word made flesh, a light for all.

  3. Tell of his death at Calvary, hated by those he came to save; in lonely suffering on the cross: for all he loved, his life he gave.

  4. Tell of that glorious Easter morn, empty the tomb, for he was free; he broke the pow'r of death and hell that we might share his victory.

  5. Tell of his reign at God's right hand, by all creation glorified.
    He sends his Spirit on his Church to live for him, the Lamb who died.

  6. Now we rejoice to name him King: Jesus is Lord of all the earth.
    This gospel message we proclaim: we sing his glory, tell his worth.

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Today's Services

The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

(Corporate for Brotherhood of St. Andrew)
Processional 382
First Reading

Amos 7: 7-15
[Stanley Gordon]

Psalm 85: 7 - 13 (Refrain) "Let us see, O Lord,
your mercy and give us your saving help"
(All Sit - No Gloria)
Second Reading Ephesians 1: 1-14
[Godfrey Perkins]
Gradual 363 [Children Leave for Sunday School]
Gospel Mark 6: 7-13
Sermon Rev. Major Sirrano Kitson, D.Min
The Prayers of Intercession  
Offertory 261
Communion 180, 201, 404
We Have A Gospel To Proclaim
Recessional And Can It Be That I Should Gain
Processional 382

[BCP page 36]

Psalm 85: 7 - 13 (ALL STAND)
First Reading Amos 7: 7-15
Benedictus [BCP page 40]
Second Reading Mark 6: 7-13
Hymn 180
Sermon Rev. Major Sirrano Kitson, D.Min
Hymn And Can It Be That I Should Gain
Introit 382
First Reading

Amos 7: 7-15

Psalm 85: 7 - 13
Gradual 180
Gospel Mark 6: 7-13
Sermon Rev. Robert McLean
Offertory 261
Recessional And Can It Be That I Should Gain

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This Week at St. Andrew's

July 17

5:30 p.m.
5:30 p.m.

Bible Study
Finance Committee

July 18

9:00 a.m.
6:00 p.m.
Holy Eucharist
Church Committee
July 19

6:30 a.m.
5:30 p.m.
6:00 p.m.

Holy Eucharist
Grief Support Group
Young Adults

July 20
5:30 p.m.
Senior Choir Rehearsal
July 21
9:00 p.m.
Holy Eucharist
July 22

9:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m.
11:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m.
4:30 p.m.

Holy Eucharist
(Feast of St. Mary Magdalene)

Brotherhood of St. Andrew
Little Brothers of St. Andrew
Youth Choir Rehearsal
Youth Fellowship

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