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Second Sunday of Advent (Year B)
Patronal Festival
Sunday, December 4, 2005

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Lord open my heart to your love
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My Dear Friends,

Today we bring our 340th Anniversary celebrations to a close with this service of thanksgiving and renewal. But how do we renew ourselves as children of Christ? Do we give conscious attention to our growth and maturity in Christ? I sometimes wonder if we, as Christians, realize that we do grow and mature in Christ. Thus, if we acknowledge this, what role do we play in facilitating our maturity in Christ? Do we see ourselves as responsible for facilitating the maturity of our brothers and sisters as well?

I have asked that during this season of Advent we pray the prayer printed on the front-cover of this Newsletter. As we do this let us seek to improve on our attentiveness and receptivity to the Word of God, as we daily contemplate his written word. The reason I say this is beautifully expressed in the following quote from the Anglican Digest : "Even when we are conscientious about setting aside time for God, we may allow the things of the world and our busy lifestyle to intrude. We read the daily scripture rapidly and informationally, then dash back to our activities. In reading the Bible in this way, we remain in control of the text, and do not allow ourselves to 'inwardly digest' God's Word, and let him change our hearts. If we insist on being so available to and distracted by our worldly endeavors, we cannot simultaneously be available to God!"

So do we want to be open and available to God? Do we want to grow and mature in Christ? Let us seek to be even more attentive to His Word. Let us avail ourselves to be "shaped by the word". There is really no celebration or commemoration of 340 years if we are not prepared to commit ourselves in this way.

Next Sunday we will be asking you to put forward your nominations for the Church Committee for 2006. Please use this week to discuss your intention with your potential nominees.

We acknowledge the presence of our Lord Bishop, The Rt. Rev. & Hon. Alfred Reid, D.D., OJ. and Mrs. Reid. A special welcome to Rev. Maj. Dr. Sirrano Kitson and Mrs. Kitson.

We extend a warm welcome to all other visitors and pray that our lives will be enriched as we experience God's abundant grace.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

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Lord open my heart to your love

Lord open my ears to your call,
Make me attentive to you.
Open my eyes to your presence,
Make me aware of you.
Open my heart to your love.
(D. Adam pg 21)

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Today's Services

Second Sunday of Advent

Introit 50
Psalm 85 [BCP Page 579]
First Lesson Isaiah 40:1-11
Magnificat [BCP Page 67]
Second Lesson 2 Peter 3:8-15a, 18
Nunc Dimittis [BCP Page 55]
Hymn 54
Sermon Rev. Fr. Edward Jennings
Hymns 262, 26

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