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First Sunday After Christmas (Year A)
Sunday, December 26, 2004

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"And the Word of God became flesh and lived among us" John 1:14

My Dear Friends,

With the birth of the Christ child still fresh in our minds the question I wish to pose is - what impact is Christmas having on your life? Perhaps yesterday you did something really special, spending some quality time with family and friends - singing carols, exchanging gifts, going to parties and generally doing fun things. All these activities, even if they were done for sentimental reasons, provided a refreshing interlude amidst the conflicts and tensions we often have to face in life today. But soon the Christmas trees will be dismantled and we will have to return to the routine of life. The question then will be: What did we gain from the experience of Christmas? In other words, in the midst of all the fun things was there a feeling that something or someone was coming to birth in us? Was there a feeling that we had a glimpse of something that would allow us to enter the New Year with a little more joy and a little more meaning?

I ask these questions because this is precisely why this season was given to us. At Christmas we are given the memory of Christ's birth so that it may trigger a change in the way we perceive ourselves in the world. Christ's incarnation in a specific time and place demands of us, the body of Christ, that we too undergo incarnation and rebirth within a specific time and putting down our roots in a particular context. This means that if you and I are the body of Christ then you and I have been given the responsibility for en-fleshing God's presence in the world in the same way that Jesus did. We have to become, as Teresa of Avila so simply puts it; "God's physical hands, feet, mouth and heart in this world". Does all of this sound incredibly challenging? Of course it does. The good news is that the power to make right the ills of society does not rest with us but with God. What God asks of us is simply to make ourselves available so that our flesh can begin to give reality to His power. The very thought of you and me letting God's power flow through us into our society today is reason to sing "Joy to the world the Lord has come".

Please remember that next Sunday the Bishop of Jamaica will be the celebrant and preacher at our principal service at 8:00 a.m. There will be no 9:45 a.m. service.

Today we welcome all our visitors and extend a special welcome to Rev. Karen Montagno, her husband Tom and children Eli, Kira and Solomon who are spending Christmas with my family. Rev. Karen is Dean of Students and Community Life at the Episcopal Divinity School.

Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance, throughout the Christmas season and the New Year.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

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Parish News


Flowers at the foot of the altar are given in memory of the late Herman Victor Fraser by his wife Pauline, family and friends.

Flowers in St. Nicholas Chapel are in memory of the late Dr. Pamela Rodgers-Johnson from her widower Ambassador Keith Johnson.

NEW DAYLIGHT Bible Reading notes for January to April 2005 are available from the church office.

Videotapes of the 340th Anniversary Service are available from Mr. Tony Patel, (telephone 946-9430) at $1,000 each.

Have you submitted your nomination of members for election to the Church Committee for 2005? Forms are available from the table by the west door. If you do not know the members, use this opportunity to speak to someone, find out what they do and if they are willing to serve.

HOLY BAPTISM will be administered on Sunday, January 9, 2005 at the7:30 .m. Service.

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First Sunday After Christmas

What can I give him
Poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd
I would bring a lamb
If I were a wise man
I would do my part;
Yet what I can I give him-
Give my heart.

A & M Hymn #67

Introit 59
Old Testament Isaiah 61: 10-62: 3 [Mrs. Marilyn Wright]
Psalm 147: 13-21 [New BCP page 663]
Epistle Galatians 3: 23-25; 4: 4-7 [Mr. John Thompson]
Gradual Joy to the World
Gospel John 1: 1-18
Sermon [Rev. Canon Robert Thompson]
Intercession E [New BCP page 112]
Offertory The First Noel
Communion 65, Child in a Manger, 388, 419
Recessional 60
Introit 61
Old Testament Isaiah 61: 10-62: 3 [Danielle Mighty]
Psalm 147: 13-21 [New BCP page 663]
Epistle Galatians 3: 23-25; 4: 4-7 [Brandon Mighty]
Gradual 58
Gospel John 1: 1-18
Sermon [Rev. Canon Robert Thompson]
Intercession E [New BCP page 112]
Offertory 68
Communion 390, 60, 419
Recessional 64
Introit 66
Epistle Galatians 3: 23-25; 4: 4-7
Psalm 147: 13-21 [New BCP page 663]
Gradual 184
Gospel John 1: 1-18
Sermon [Rev. Fr. Edward Jennings]
Offertory 72
Communion 65
Recessional 60

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