Annual Report For The Year 2006

St. Andrew Parish Church

Table of Contents

Church Staff & Committee
Church Committee Report
Missions and Outreach
Ecclesiastical Report
Church Calendar - 2007

Church Staff
Priest Assistant
Hon. Clergy
Admin. Officer
Rector's Sec.
Property Mgr.
Asst. Verger

- Rev. Major Sirrano Kitson
- Rev. Fr. Robert McLean
- Rev. Fr. Edward Jennings (Jan to Aug)
- Rev. Dr. David Kuck
- Miss Kirby Clarke
- Miss Lynnette Mightly
- Mrs. Grace Geoghagen
- Mr. Orlando Strudwick
- Mr. Vernon Miranda
- Miss Ann Morrison
- Mrs. Diane Brown (Jan to June)
- Miss Shadaa Muir (July to Dec)


Ancillary Staff

Mr. Linton Smith
Miss Beverly Burrell
Miss Charmaine Francis
Mr. Everton Williams
Mr. Leroy Donaldson
Mr. Marlon Paulwell (Mar)
Mr. Harry Creary (Apr - Dec)


Parish Office
Half Way Tree
Kingston 10
Tel. 926-6692, 968-9366
Fax. 960-8463
Church Committee - 2006 Ex-officio
  • Mr. Alvaro Casserly - Member, Incorporated Lay Body
  • Dr. Vincent Lawrence - Member, Incorporated Lay Body; Rector's Warden
  • Mr. Mike Fennell - Chairman, Diocesan Financial Board

Lay Representatives to Synod

  • Mr. Frank James
  • Mrs. Andrea Chin See

Other Members

  • Mr. George Briggs - People's Warden
  • Miss Greta Bogues
  • Dr. Nigel Elliott
  • Mr. Douglas Folkes
  • Mr. Brian Goldson
  • Mr. Lloyd Gooden - Church Treasurer
  • Dr. Lucien Jones
  • Mrs. Jacqueline Mighty
  • Mr. Tony Patel
  • Mr. Owen Streete
  • Miss Yolande Whitely
  • Miss Katherine Williamson
  • Mrs. Marjorie Steele - Recording Secretary

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Report From The Church Committee For The Year 2006

2006 was a very interesting, exciting and challenging year at St. Andrew Parish Church. The 21st Rector the Rev. Major Sirrano Kitson who took up duties in January 2006 was installed on February 5, 2006 at a very beautiful service rich with pageantry.

At his first Annual Congregational Meeting held on January 29, 2006 the activities of the past year were presented by the use of the electronic media followed by a very lively and informative discussion.

During the year a number of innovations were introduced - Advent devotions, lighting of the Advent candles during Advent, prayers of intercession from other sources and a number of hymns taken from other hymnals. Programmes for special occasions and Feast Days - Easter Day, Harvest Festival, Patronal Festival , Carol Service and Christmas Day.

Congregational Life

The Vision Statement of St. Andrew Parish Church states that it is:

"A church reconciled to God, aware of its identity and healing the community through the proclamation of the
Good News of the Gospel of Christ.

The Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Andrew Parish Church is to proclaim the good news and inspire the parish family to unity with God and one another

  • By ensuring that the church establishes programs to maintain, engage and expand membership

  • By identifying and mobilizing the human and financial resources available to the church.

  • By responding to human needs as we work for the transformation of unjust structures and the preservation of the integrity of the created order.

  • By presenting the Biblical tithe as the standard of Christian giving and the shaping of programmes of ministry that express the stewardship of God's creation.

  • By immersing our members in and expanding the knowledge of Christian identity in the context of our cultural experience and the obligations they impose.

The Highlights of activities carried out during 2006 include:

Lenten Studies on Thursdays with the theme "Images of the Church" and introduction of Advent Devotions with focus on "The Last Days" which were well received.

Lighting of the Advent Candles during Advent at the 7:30 a.m. service with participation from the Sunday School.

Collaboration with Holy Cross in the annual Marian Service held at Holy Cross on January 18, 2006. the Preacher was the our Curate Rev Robert McLean.

A Youth Retreat, under the direction of Rev. Fr. McLean assisted by the Youth Committee with presentations by Rev Fr. Richard Tucker Rector of St. Matthew's Santa Cruz, was held at the Church Hall March 3 to 4, 2006 and an Adult Retreat at Hillcrest Retreat Centre in Browns Town, March 10 to 12, organized and led by Rev. Fr. McLean.

The seventh Alpha Training Programme was held during the period April 26 to July 5, 2006.

Fellowship Group Retreat held on March 18, 2006 at the United Theological College.

Participation in the activities of the Half Way Tree Ministers Fellowship which promotes the mid-day Reflections on Wednesdays at noon, continued.

Chaplaincy through the Clergy and staff the Half Way Tree Primary School, the Women's Crisis Centre and the St. Andrew Care Centre.

The Visitation Programme which involves members of Parish Groups ministering to the sick and shut-in members continued.

Harvest Thanksgiving Service was held on October 22, 2006.

Patronal Festival was celebrated on December 3, 2006 at the 8:00 a.m. service. A Parish breakfast and fellowship which followed was well supported.

The Annual Planning Parish Retreat which was held November 3 and 4, 2006 with the theme "Growing through Faith Commitment and Action". The three objectives were: to achieve consensus on a rolling three (3) year strategic plan for our church; to develop and cost an implementation plan for our Strategic Plan and to review in detail our current and projected financial position and agree on a way forward. Presentations were made by Rev. Fr. Leslie Hoo Sang on "Christian Responsibility for Tithing" and Rev Garth Minott on "Stewardship". Consequent on the Retreat a Strategic Plan and Action Items with time lines have been developed covering three areas - Congregational Renewal and Development, Christian Education and Finance and Administration. Implementation has already begun with some of the activities and expected to continue during 2007.

Other activities included:
Maintenance of the website which continued with information pertaining to the activities of the church including the Weekly Bulletin and Special Events updated on a regular basis.

Recognition of our Out-Reach Programmes in special months of the year continued with Corporate Communion, special fund raising activities and general information to members on the work of the various programmes.

Many thanks to: the Church Committee and those members who worked beyond the call of duty to prepare information for discussion at committee meetings; Mrs. Marjorie Steele Recording Secretary to the Church Committee who willingly came out of retirement to provide needed assistance; The Parish Groups, other committees and the many volunteers whose collaborative efforts assisted in furthering the ministry of the church in so many areas.

Special thanks is extended to:

Our Curate Rev. Robert McLean who never hesitated to give advice and service in all areas of ministry where and when called upon so to do including but not limited to - visiting the sick and shut in members and administering holy communion, assisting with the Missions - St. Clement's in Kencot and St. Thomas' in Majesty Gardens, preparing adult and youth candidates for confirmation, organizing adult and youth retreats.

Rev Fr. Edward Jennings, Priest Assistant who continued to give tremendous support to the various areas of need.

Sister Doris Levien who willingly assisted with: services on Sundays and specifically on those Sundays when only one Priest was in attendance; the Bible study on Mondays; maintaining contact with members of our church family in the UWI Hospital and keeping us up-to-date on a regular basis.

Rev Dr. David Kuck and his wife Mary, who assisted in the spiritual life of our community here at the Parish Church and St. Andrew Settlement respectively.

Sister Molly Walton guest preacher on Missionary Sunday.

All those who assisted the Administration throughout the year but especially to the BSA and team with representatives from the Mothers' Union and the Senior Choir and Mrs Hyacinth Elliott who carry out a special assignment on a regular basis. Mrs. Loyle Herdsman, Mrs. Elesia Blackburn and Miss Gillian Morrison who gave of their time and talent when called upon at very short notice

Mr. Claude Campbell who faithfully, even when under severe pressures, maintained our Web Site and ensured that updates were done on a regular basis and provided other I.T. support.

Mr. Dudley McLean for his assistance in producing programmes for special services and Feast Days - Easter, Harvest Thanksgiving, the Patronal Festival, Carol Service etc. and helping in many other areas on his own initiative also when requested to do so.

The Office Staff

Miss Lynnette Mightly for her invaluable assistance providing secretarial services and other special assignments in the church office and always willing to go the extra mile.

Mrs Gracie Geoghagen part-time accountant , Mrs. Lynette Allen and Mrs. Trecia Elliott. who assisted in providing accounting services. In addition to providing assistance in the accounting area Mrs. Allen prepares the vessels for Sunday worship.

Ms. Kirby Clarke Administrative Officer for her support in administration and other areas as required.

The Property Manager - Mr. Orlando Strudwick for visiting and dealing with the needs of the various properties.

The Vergers - Mr. Vernon Miranda -Verger, Miss Ann Morrison Assistant Verger.
Miss Morrison whom we welcomed back after her period of illness continued to provide invaluable support in the Church Office assisting in such areas as preparing candidates for confirmation, providing information and assistance, where necessary for weddings and funerals, organizing and managing Tuesday Charity; and an important element of our ministry, that of maintaining contact with our sick and shut-in members, as well as assisting with the scheduling of visits.

Mrs. Diana Brown and Miss Shadaa Muir who carried out receptionist and clerical duties and assist in preparing the weekly news letter and obtaining information as needed for the accounts section.

The Ancillary Staff:
Mr. Linton Smith Caretaker - Church Hall, Miss Beverley Burrell, Miss Charmaine Francis, Mr. Everton Williams - Church Caretaker. Mr. Leroy Donaldson and Mr. Harry Creary for work on the cemetery grounds and immediate environs.

We are also very grateful to :
The Organists - Mr. Paul Bicknell, Mrs. June Spence, Mrs. Jacqueline Wright-James and Mr. Donald Hossack, also Mr. Dwight McBean who assists in maintaining the organ and collaborates with the repairers, as required from time to time.

The Choir Directors in charge of the music ministry, whose contribution enriched the Sunday services - Mr. Audley Davidson - Director of the Senior Choir, Mrs. Marcia Ashley Director Youth Choir and Miss Yvonne Sterrett. Also persons from other choirs who contributed to enhancing our worship at various times during the year.

Miss June Rose and Mrs. Donna Evelyn who provided support for the junior confirmation candidates.

The individuals who made donations to the Special First Sunday Appeal Fund. Also the organizations and individuals who contributed cash and kind in many other areas including the Tuesday Charity, refreshments for the Lenten devotions and the breakfast and fellowship following the Patronal Festival Service.

The Facey family for commissioning work on the Church Office Building.

Au Revoir - In August, Rev Fr. Edward Jennings (along with his wife Karlene) left us to take up an assignment with the Correctional Services as Assistant Chaplain.
On December 31, 2006, with mixed feelings we said farewell to our beloved Rev. Robert McLean, Curate from December 2003, who was promoted as Rector of the Albert Town Cure.

Welcome - Two students Monique Blake and Rory Honeyghan who assisted on Sundays both at the Parish Church and out reach Mission in Kencot.

Congratulations -To those who have received national awards and other special recognition during the year.

Condolences - To the many parishioners who lost loved ones during the year.


Rev. Major Sirranno Kitson

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Reports - Missions and Spirituality - Church Groups

ALPHA 2006 Report

Alpha is a short, practical introduction to the Christian faith, developed at Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), an Anglican Church in London, England and now used worldwide by many denominations as an Evangelical tool. St. Andrew Parish Church has been running the course annually since 2000 at the Church Hall . Alpha 2006, our 7th Alpha was held on Wednesday evenings between 5:30pm and 8:15pm from Wednesday, April 26, closing with the celebration Dinner on Wednesday, July 5. The Leader of the course was the Rector, Rev. Major Sirrano Kitson assisted by Rev. Fr. Robert McLean (Curate) and Rev. Fr. Edward Jennings (Priest Asst.). The ground work was done by the following Steering Committee.

  • Joyce P. James
Small Group Coordinator
  • Pearl Pottinger
Task Force Coordinators
  • Patsy Richardson and
    Mildred Hutchinson
  • Trevor Blake
Worship Leaders
  • Marjorie Hamilton and
    Desland McKenzie
Technical Coordinator
  • Desland McKenzie
Retreat/Dinner Coordinator
  • Joyce McKenzie
Book Table Coordinator
  • Sonia Wallace

Table Leaders/Helpers/Facilitators were selected from previous courses and having done the training, guided the discussion at the Tables. The sessions were very Spirit-filled with persons turning up in the worst weather. The Celebration Dinner was particularly fulfilling with 2 of the participants giving heartwarming testimonies of what Alpha had meant to them. The Church paid for the security, while meals etc. were covered by contributions from those participating. Each evening began with a light meal, followed by lively worship, a videoed talk by Rev. Nicky Gumbell of HTB then discussion and Bible study in small groups. Two Training Sessions for facilitators were held and a one (1) day Holy Spirit Retreat was held at the United Theological College on Saturday, June 3. Attendance at the sessions ranged from 28 (on a very rainy evening) to 36. The Retreat was attended by 33 persons. Our prayer is that more and more persons inside and outside the Church will use the opportunity provided by Alpha to develop a deep relationship with God in Jesus Christ as lasting friendships are formed around the tables.

Extracted from report submitted by Joyce P. James

Altar Guild Report - 2006

The St. Andrew Parish Church Altar Guild, with the responsibility of preparing the church for Sunday worship, continues to play an important role in the following areas:

  • Maintenance of altar and church linen,
  • Provision and preparation of floral décor,
  • Cleaning the church - including brassware, wall fixtures and religious artifacts e.g. Processional Cross.

The following are ongoing projects in which the Guild participates:

Church Yard Landscaping

  • The potted palms have managed to survive and are flourishing (despite some theft earlier in the year).
  • Attempts are being made to establish flowerbeds on the side to Hagley Park road.
  • Plans are also underway to replace stolen pots and plants.

Altar Linens

  • Progress has been made in replenishing and improving our linen stock. An inventory was taken, after which fabric was purchased and new linen is being produced. A Laundering Roster is now in place, along with a Log Book for recording the movement of the linen A training programme, has been established which allows members to have greater involvement in and knowledge of the preparation of linen and dressing of the Church.


This area of our ministry, continues to cause concern, we need support from our Church members on designated clean up days, as our building is plagued with dust and grime from the atmosphere due to the incessant traffic in the area.

Fund Raising

There was no major fund raising event this year, however, one member initiated a book bag project, which was very successful. Flowers for decorating the church on Sundays are provided by contributions from the members of the Altar Guild.


A representative of Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB) conducted an Investment presentation.


Groups are assigned to visit two to three shut-ins on a monthly basis, and report their findings to the Church Office and report to the Guild's quarterly meetings. There is need for improvement in this area as groups have not been visiting as frequently as desired.


In an effort to attract youth members, the Chairman presented the objectives of the Guild to the Senior Sunday School members. Also, individual groups have been soliciting new members in an ongoing effort to build Guild membership.

Annual General Meeting

At the Annual General Meeting held Saturday September 23, 2006, the following persons were elected to the Executive:

  • Phyll Williams
  • Elesia Blackburn
  • Elsie Aarons
Assistant Secretary
  • Marie Isaacs
  • Majorie Hall

Extracted from report submitted by Phyll Williams Chairman

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew (BSA) is an organization of men and boys within the Anglican Communion. It is international in scope and is dedicated to the spread of Christ's kingdom among men. During the year under review the BSA observed its Pledge of "Prayer, Study and Service". In that regard it was engaged in a number of activities including:

BIBLE STUDY:Monthly at each meeting with particular emphasis on the weekly readings from the Lectionary
EVANGELISM: Sunday services scheduled or assigned at the following Missions - St.Thomas', Majesty Gardens, St. Clement's Kencot and St. Mark's Scotts Hall.
OUT REACH:Board membership on the Bishop Gibson's Home for the Aged. Financial support by direct contribution or purchasing of tickets for fund raising events; sponsorship of one member of the Youth Fellowship to a training course in Mandeville; provision of one tent and chairs for the accommodation of the Sunday School Festival.
VISITATION: Regular visits and telephone calls to sick and shut-in Brotherhood members also to members absent from Sunday services.
PARISH ACTIVITIES: Supported the activities of the other organizations of the church in fund raising church decoration and on-duty assignments.

Extracted from report submitted by the BSA.

Fellowship Groups 2006

Date of establishment: March 6, 1983.
Management: Coordinators work with representatives of groups for planning joint activities.

The Fellowship Groups of St. Andrew Parish Church continue to meet regularly. There are now fifteen groups. Most meet every week, others every other week and others once a month The purpose of the groups is to study the Bible together, to pray together and to share with each other. Meetings are held in a relaxed atmosphere, members enjoy each others company, share joys, sorrows and matters of concern. It has been observed that we have a strong support group. As we study together, we find that we help each other to grow in our Christian faith, and we have companions on our Christian journey. Corporate Communion was held as customary on the first Sunday in Lent and our annual one day retreat was held on March 18, 2006. The theme was "GOOD NEWS FOR A BAD NEWS WORLD ". The first session "Bad News" was led by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Robert Thompson , Bishop of Kingston. The second session "Good News" was led by Rev. Ralph (Jim) Parkes, and the third session "Who am I and why am I here" was led by Rev. Jean Forbes. All sessions gave us much food for thought, and there was a general feeling that we had all gained much from the day. The Fellowship Groups have continued to take the Sunday Evening Service once per month usually on third Sundays but this has been changed to second Sundays.

We had our Joint Fellowship Group Service on the second Sunday in November. All our groups participated in this service which was well attended. Our Fellowship Group Social was on Saturday November 25, at the home of our Rector and Mrs Kitson. We thank them for their welcome to their home. A good time was had by all in spite of the weather.

Extracted from report submitted by Coordinators Joyce James and Joan Reader.

The Little Brothers of St. Andrew Programme
Summary Report of Activities in 2006

Background and Mission: The Little Brothers of St. Andrew Programme aims to use creative and interactive methods to teach boys under 15 years about God and the principles of Christianity through Bible Knowledge classes, and about the world around them through World Knowledge classes (a mixture of Science, Geography, Social Studies and History). Other aims include improving the Reading and Mathematics skills of the boys, and through incorporating drama, art and craft and music, to give these boys an outlet for self-expression. The programme also provides opportunities for the active involvement of young persons from St. Andrew Parish Church (aged 17 to 26 years) in Christian ministry and witness.The programme has also supported the St. Andrew Care Centre by assisting to bridge the gap between the Centre and the community in which it operates by including Ambrook Lane boys in the Saturday classes, through financial assistance to several of the Centre's clients, and through assistance with the Care Centre's operating costs.

Clients of the programme include mostly youth of the Ambrook Lane community and, on occasion, Half Way Tree 'street boys'.

Management: Mr. Hugh Williams and his wife Dr. Dorothea
Williams manage the logistics of the programme including the provision of lunch on Saturdays. Following the passing of Miss. Elsie Sayle, Mr. Hugh Gayle has taken on responsibilities of the programme's treasurer. A group of five volunteer teachers led by Minke Newman run the classes on Saturday mornings. This group meets for weekly planning meetings and bimonthly Bible studies.

Source of Funding: Funding for lunch on Saturdays, for the cost of field trips and the cost of the annual Christmas treat is contributed through donations. The cost of all teaching materials is borne by the volunteers. A Christmas Ham sale fund raising project was held in December 2006 to assist in providing well needed funds.

Activities in 2006:

  • Assistance with GSAT preparation and with homework on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Bible Knowledge classes under the themes: Parables of Jesus, The Fruits of the Spirit: Patience, Kindness and Goodness, and The Exodus (Moses Story).
  • World Knowledge classes which dealt mainly with Science and Social Studies topics on the GSAT syllabus
  • Field Trips to: Father Holung's production - Moses at the National Stadium, Castleton Gardens, and Sophie's Place in Gordon Town
  • Participation in the Sunday School Festival held at St. Andrew Parish Church in May, which involved the production of a banner for the group
  • Participation in summer camps including: Moorlands Camps , Jumpball, Basketball Camp and Reading Solutions Camp
  • End of year Fun Day at Holywell Park in the Blue Mountains.

Challenges in 2006: The programme continued to be challenged by:

  • A lack of strong support from and visibility within the church community
  • Lack of financial support or funding for volunteer activities on Saturdays

Achievements: Achievements over the period include:

  • Increased interest and involvement (among these clients) in Sunday worship at St. Andrew Parish Church
  • Improved communication with parents of the clients
  • Acquired, through donations and scholarships, approx.$50,000 to send 8 boys to various summer camps

Goals for 2007

  • To further increase church involvement among clients (including involvement in AYF activities for older clients)
  • To further improve relationships between volunteers and parents (and Ambrook Lane Community)
  • To continue to offer assistance in the preparation for the GSAT and with the client's homework
  • To identify means of acquiring funding for the programme

Submitted by: Minke Newman

Mothers' Union

A number of changes were introduced including adopting the new regional grouping and operating as the Eastern Jamaica Region. The regular monthly meetings continued with a break in August. Assistant Priest Rev Edward Jennings led devotions in January. He spoke on the power of prayer and dealt with the concept of "Evangelical Transformation" of persons and how the Mothers' Union can contribute. Corporate communion was celebrated on the second Sunday of every month with participation quarterly by reading the lessons taking up the elements and collection plate. Two new members were enrolled in November bringing the total membership to sixty (60) including shut-ins and members overseas.

SPECIAL ACTIVITIES - Twenty seven (27) members from the branch attended the national annual general meeting at the Kendal Conference Centre in February. At the first Regional Meeting as Eastern Jamaica Region twenty one (21) members attended at the Parish Church in Port Maria. Members attended all Deanery meetings held . Our branch hosted the one in October and special thanks to Rev Sirrano Kitson who led the Devotion In April sixteen (16) members attended the Lady Day Service held at St. John's the Evangelist. Support was also given to the Portland Deanery as members from our and other branches attended their Lady Day Service. Nine (9) members attended the Church Women United World Day of Prayer Service, planned by the Nigerian Chapter and held at Bethel Baptist Church. In June three (3) members attended the Regional Training seminar. The morning session was led by Dr. Angela Gordon-Stair on the topic "Mentor A Child, Undergird A Parent" - the Mothers' Union theme for the year. The fellowship and blessings from all the events were very refreshing and enlightening.

OUT REACH - SAPC Home For Girls - association with the Home for Girls continued with visits on a quarterly basis. On each visit the emphasis was on formulating activities of interest to the girls to generate interaction and participation. Further participation continued with a visit during Child's Month in May. Blood Pressure Clinic - Nurse Daphne Martin a member of our group faithfully operated the clinic at the church office every first and third Monday. This has been an ongoing exercise lovingly carried out by her for several years. Cradle Roll activities continued under the guidance of the co-ordinator Mrs. Blossom Williams, who keeps in contact with the parents of children from baptism to three years old when they should begin to attend Sunday School. Members attended preparation meetings with the Rector Rev. Sirrano Kitson along with parents and god parents of babies to be baptised and join them at the baptismal service. Mentoring - One member is assisting the mentoring programme at Queen's High School and the group assists financially.

OTHER ACTIVITIES - included Annual Retreat in June led by Fr. Robert McLean- the topic was the "History of the Anglican Church". Visits to sick and shut-in members and joined with them, when possible for their birthday celebration. This included Mrs. Orinthia Fender who celebrated the 100th anniversary of her birth in April when Fr. Kitson attended and gave her communion Three members were honoured for long association with the Branch. Attendance at the service of thanksgiving for the life of Mrs. Edna Vickers-Henry who passed away in April at the age of 94. Support was given to members who lost loved ones during the year - Mrs. Loleta Elliott a son and Mrs. Ina Robinson a sister. Fund raising events were carried out to assist in providing funds to defray some of the expenses of the organization.

SPECIAL AWARDS - Our branch won the Diocese of Jamaica Centenary Award presented to the Deanery of St. Andrew for the second consecutive year earned for outstanding performance during 2005. Mrs. Daphne Whitely the Enrolling Member was elected Deanery Presiding Member for St. Andrew, while Mrs. Ena Dallen was elected Deputy Enrolling Member.

SPECIAL MENTION - Mrs. Coleen Tinker-White who graciously left the branch in 2005 to join the Conversion of St. Paul's Mission in Greater Portmore has formed a Mothers' Union branch at that church. We congratulate her on her efforts.

Extracted from report submitted by Daphne Whitely, Enrolling Member

Reception Committee

Objective - to assist worshippers to prepare for a spiritually fulfilling worship experience., established over twenty years ago its significant achievements during the year under review include: hosting the newly confirmed; coordinating the activities for the St. Andrew Deanery Sunday School Festival and providing donation towards the meals for the adults; give out offering bags; prepare the elements and select persons to take up the offering and elements to the Altar. Monitor the entrances, welcome visitors, ensure that they are comfortably seated and provide worship materials for use in the service - prayer books, hymn books and any other relevant documents. Prepare St. Nicholas Chapel for administering of the Holy Communion and guiding the Priest to persons who are unable to go to the Altar or Chapel for communion. Funding is provided by in- giving and contribution from members in addition to some fund raising events.

Extracted from the report submitted.

The St. Andrew Parish Church Servers' Guild

Mission Statement:
The Servers' Guild functions to serve God by:

  • Aiding to maintain efficiency and the smooth running of church services.
  • Assisting clergy at regular Eucharist services and at special services such as funerals, weddings and ordinations.
  • Working alongside other church groups to enhance our congregation's worship experience by allowing them to "offer to God a service of praise and glory along with appropriate beauty and pageantry".
  • Being leaders among the youth of our church, joining in other youth related activities and inviting others to join the Guild, thereby promoting understanding, use of, and pride in our Anglican heritage.

Cost of Operation & Source of Funding: No real operation costs. Material and sewing of vestments acquired through donation by Mrs. Marie Isaacs and the Women's Working Committee. In the new church year, the guild will resume collection of monthly dues to cover incidental costs.

Management: The guild is led by the chief server, Minke Newman, appointed by the Rector in 2002. The chief server is guided by the Rector and Curate. Her responsibilities include organizing and coordinating the guild activities, creating the monthly duty roster, the training of new members, and acting as the guild representative to the Youth Committee. In 2006 a new guild executive was formed. Executive members include the deputy head server- Daryan Pallas (appointed by the chief server in 2005), the guild treasurer - Phylicia Williams, and the guild secretary - Kurt Strudwick. The executive aims to meet regularly to plan the activities of the group.

Membership: The Servers Guild currently has 11 training servers. The number of active senior servers declined over the course of the year. Two valuable members retired from the guild - Twanya Smith and Marsha Woolcock. Twanya Smith is a former chief server and had served as an acolyte for nearly 15 years.

Challenges in 2006: The major challenges for 2006 were:

  • Decline in membership of active senior servers
  • Lack of adherence (by members) to the duty roster. Poor attendance and punctuality continue to be problems for this group. There is now a record of attendance at each service and the new executive is devising strategies to deal with this issue in the new church year.
  • Lack of funds. There was little to no collection of dues from members in 2006. The newly formed executive will resume this collection in the new church year. The guild also hopes to open a bank account for the management of these funds.

Achievements in 2006:

  • In 2006 the Servers Guild successfully met its goal to increase guild membership. The training of 11 new servers which began in May will double the current membership.
  • The formation of the new Servers Guild executive.

Activities in 2006: Activities which the servers took part in aside from their regular participation in Sunday worship, and in training, rehearsals and Bible study at their Saturday guild meetings, included participation in:

  • The annual Christmas treat (in December 2005) for the Little Brothers of St. Andrew through donation of cash and gifts.
  • The installation service for the new rector in February.
  • The annual youth retreat held at the Church Hall in March.
  • The Sunday School Festival held at St. Andrew Parish Church in May.
  • The "Atlanta Adventure" in July.
  • Servers Guild Social in October.
  • Diocesan Youth Rally at St. Cyprian, Highgate St. Mary in November.
  • Harvest Festival service at St. Thomas Mission, Majesty Gardens in November.

Goals for 2007: Important goals for 2007 include:

  • To increase guild membership
  • To improve general attendance and punctuality for church services and guild meetings
  • To improve the bimonthly servers meetings and bible studies, and to incorporate more social and spiritual group activities
  • To increase guild participation in the church's youth related activities
  • To resume the collection of dues from guild members
  • To create a Servers Guild bank account for the management of guild funds

Submitted by Minke Newman

Annual Report Of The St. Andrew Parish Church Sunday School And Nursery For 2006

The Sunday School is committed to the mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This commitment will be fostered using available communication media to engage, encourage and challenge each individual to develop a personal, loving relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ the Saviour so that, filled with the Holy Spirit they may be enabled to live out their faith in community.

Sunday School is operated during the 7.30am Service, except on 4th Sundays when students are encouraged to attend the 9:45am Family Eucharist and 5th Sundays (when they occur) when families are encouraged to remain in the 7:30am service and then all attend the 9:45am Total Sunday School. As of October the concept of Total Sunday School is being re examined and therefore there will be regular 7.30am Sunday School on 5th Sundays. There is a Nursery for children under 3 years old. Attendance was fairly consistent with a high of 109 consisting of 49 boys and 60 girls. At present there are 36 members of staff, including 4 trainees.

  • Superintendent - Joyce P. James
  • Nursery Supervisor - Joyce Brown
  • SS Supervisor - Fay Duncan
  • Assistant - Trevor Blake
  • Chief Librarian - Pauline Green
  • Secretary - Carole Willis
  • Treasurer - Hazel Thomas

Student Activities
Our team did not place in the top 3 of the Area Council Bible Quiz in February, however, in the Bible Reading Competition held in October Don Romario Watson placed 1st in Category 1, Dayna Nelson placed 1st in Category 2 and Kelli-Anne Lane came 2nd in Category 3.Confirmation candidates were prayed for and presented with Bibles before their Confirmation on Palm Sunday.

The students made Palm Crosses for the Church and its missions and a well attended Children's service was held at 4:00pm on Easter Day at which all classes presented items and our new Rector Fr. Kitson conducted the Service and preached. In May, Sunday School Month, Prize Giving was held, and there was a display of work done by the students. Sunday School Boy of the year was O'Dayne Harvey and Sunday School Girl of the year was Rebekah Watson. The Eric Morrison Shield for Excellence, in memory of our former Verger, was presented to Dayna Nelson. A new Trophy, the Ann Cooke Memorial Trophy was given to be presented to a student who showed qualities of Integrity, Initiative and Industry. The first recipient was Fontain Jones. Diocesan Children's Sunday with the theme "I am a Child of God" was celebrated on Sunday, May 7, at the 7.30am service. On Sunday, May 28, St. Andrew Parish Church hosted a very successful Annual Sunday School Festival and March of Witness under the theme "Save Your Children Lord". The entire Church through its various organizations contributed to the excellence of the occasion. Mr. Michael Elliott (now Rev.) preached a very interactive sermon using modern technology. On the second Saturday in July, we had a very enjoyable biennial Outing, visiting St. Christopher's Church, Cavaliers and then picnicking at Salisbury Manor, the property of Mrs. Sonia Nelson.

In October we placed 1st in categories 1 and 2 of the Deanery Bible Reading Competition and 2nd in Category 3. For Christmas our play, "Too-oo-oo Busy" formed the sermon for the 9:45am Family Eucharist on December 24, 2006.

Staff Activities
We started the year with a delightful Staff Christmas Social at the home of Mrs. Carole Willis .Staff skills continue to be upgraded with Retreats, Work Shops and Seminars. The workshop in February was conducted by Mrs. Lorna Fraser who dealt with Lesson Preparation. The Department of Education and Youth of the Diocese held a Deanery workshop in February at St. Jude's and a Diocesan Sunday School Conference at Church Teachers' College in Mandeville in May. We had representatives at both events. Rev. Fr. Robert McLean led our Retreat in September starting with the Eucharist and addressing the topic, "The Practice of Spirituality"

Staff Movements
Mrs. Sasha Lumsden-Wright, Nursery member in charge of 2nd Sundays removed from the corporate area and can no longer serve in this capacity. Four of our senior students, Shadaa Muir, Moyen Campbell, Dwayne Grant and Kerry-Ann Knight are in training as teachers and stewards.

Status of Projections for 2006
In October we started Library Day on 1st Sundays for each class in order to stimulate interest in the Library and reading. The 1st day with Primary B went very well. Student involvement in leading the Worship on 3rd Sundays continues. More of our students are continuing to get involved in the wider Church activities through the Youth Choir, the Servers Guild and the Youth Fellowship.

Physical Structure and Equipment
We were given gifts of fans, 2 for the Hall downstairs and one for the Nursery. The Sunday School is in dire need of painting and repairs (especially to the downstairs ceiling). We also need new tables for the Seniors and new chairs for the Nursery.

We thank the "Friends of the Sunday Schools' for the many ways in which they have assisted us.

Submitted by Joyce P. James Superintendent

The Friends Of The St. Andrew Parish Church Sunday Schools
Annual Report 2006

As the Friends of the Sunday Schools have pledged our commitment to support the mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we have continued supporting the Sunday Schools of the St. Andrew Cure spiritually in prayer and raising funds for administration and social development of the children under their care.

Established - approximately eight years ago with the purpose of providing spiritual support in thorm of prayer for the staff, students and parents of the three Sunday Schools in the St. Andrew Cure namely - St. Clement's., St. Thomas and St. Andrew. For the last four years the Friends have taken on the full financial responsibility of the Sunday Schools in an effort to alleviate the financial burden on the Church.

2006 - The Year In Review
We had our Corporate Communion on the second Sunday in March at the 7:30 a.m. service.

At the Annual General Meeting in April the following persons were re-elected to the Executive Committee:

  • President - Carole Willis
  • Vice - President - Lorna Fraser
  • Secretary - Donna Evelyn
  • Assistant Secretary - Sonia Levy
  • Treasurer - Rosemarie Evelyn
  • Assistant Treasurer - Hugh Gayle

Ex-Officio Members

  • Superintendent/St. Andrew - Joyce James
  • Superintendent/St. Clement's - Sybil Thompson
  • Superintendent/St. Thomas

Invited Members

  • Past President - Lorna Cover
  • Public Relations Officer - Dionne Clarke-Harris
  • Assistant Public Relations Officer - Tanya Cohen

Support Activities
In addition to providing the Sunday Schools with their day-to-day needs, the Friends provided for the following Sunday School activities this year:

  • Staff Workshop in February
  • Department of Education & Youth Workshops (held throughout the year)
  • Bibles for Confirmation Candidates in April
  • Prize giving in May
  • Biennial Outing

Sending students to Diocesan Camp

Fund Raising Activities
The Friends had one major fund raising event (as agreed at a general meeting in 2004), formally titled "A Panorama of Music". This was held on June 3, 2006 at the Church Hall and raised just over $200,000.00.
Our Parent/Teacher Social was held on October 7, 2006 at the Church Hall, and though it is not a fund raising event, a Dutch
Auction, which was part of the entertainment, raised $7,000.00.
The Friends continue to pray for our clergy, students, staff, parents and congregation.

Extracted from report submitted by Carole Willis, President.

Women's Working Committee

Report for period ending December 2006

Mission Statement
To fulfill the mission of the St. Andrew Parish Church. Our motto - Look, see & act as we are able, enables us to "respond to human needs as we work for the transformation . . . ." (excerpt from SAPC Mission Statement)

Date of establishment: May 24, 1973, By the late Mrs. Rose Lynch
The Committee obtains funds through fund raising activities undertaken from time to time, and from dues and contributions from its members. The Treasurer manages the funds, and disburses for the various commitments (Rector's Discretionary Fund, Scholarships, Charities etc.), as sanctioned by the committee. During the year under review, the Women's Working Committee (WWC) continued to play its part to fulfill the mission of the St. Andrew Parish Church

Significant achievements

  • Official Launch of the Rose Lynch Scholarship Fund in May 2006.
  • Successful fund raising supper fashion show and silent auction July 2006.

Other achievements:

  • Maintain funds for the Rector's Discretionary fund
  • Sustain the Scholarship Programme. Our present commitment is to support 2 students through to graduation from Secondary School. These students were recruited from the St. Thomas Sunday school, and are now in 4th form at Papine High and Excelsior High respectively.
  • Maintain Christian Fellowship by participating as a Group, in the Holy Eucharist on third Sundays
  • Pursue our business objectives in bi-monthly meetings.
  • Provide snacks for the Rector, other Clergy and Church staff on Sunday Mornings
  • Finance and Coordinate refreshments served at the Annual Congregational Meeting
  • Assist with uniforms for the Servers' Guild.
  • Financial assistance to Tuesday Charity, Annual Supper, Sunday School Festival.
  • Met with the new Rector to advise him of the various programmes

We wish to acknowledge the support given, by the members, to the Executive Committee, namely

  • Mrs. Veta Bullock - Chairman
  • Mrs. Beverley Lawrence - Vice Chairman
  • Mrs. Idell Grant - Treasurer
  • Mrs. Joy Clarke - Secretary
  • Mrs. Fabia Davis - Asst. Secretary
  • Mrs. Ethel Thomas - Public Relations
  • Miss Kirby Clarke continues to chair the Scholarship Sub-Committee.

We also acknowledge the support of the Spouses who, by their actions continue to endorse the achievements of the WWC.
Special thanks is extended to the Mr. & Mrs. George Bullock, for hosting the Annual Fund Raising Supper, Fashion Show and Silent Auction

Extracted from report submitted by Mrs. Veta Bullock Chairman

Young Adults - Annual Report 2006

To proclaim the Good News and inspire each other to unity with God and each other by: -

  • Supporting and encouraging each other in our walk with God
  • Strengthening the relationship with God and each other
  • Creating a resource pool of individuals to support the work of the Church
  • Fostering in members an enthusiasm to share the Gospel and serve the community.
  • Carrying forward and support the work of the church in outreach programmes
  • Creating an environment where we can engage freely in the exploration of our faith in a productive atmosphere.
  • Where possible, ministering to the whole need of people; physical, spiritual, social, emotional, professional.

The St. Andrew Parish Church Young Adults group approached 2006 with renewed hope for the spiritual renewal of its members. Consistent participation remained one of the main challenges faced in this year; however, some successes were achieved and we were able to fulfill elements of our mission. The challenge remains to extend our reach to more of the young adult population within the church. The group will need to focus more on outreach in 2007 as in the 2006 period the focus was on building relationships among group members, increasing our knowledge of our faith and improving our communication processes. There was an increase in the number of group activities and regular group meeting were being held. Activities of the group for the year included the following:

  • members of the group assisted with:

    • the Sunday School Rally held at St. Andrew Parish Church.

    • Youth Retreat, held at the church hall

  • Members of the group participated in:

    • Diocesan Young Adult Retreat

    • Christian Teaching Conference and retreats throughout the year.

  • Fellowship activities such as monthly 'First Friday Lymes' were introduced.

  • Two Socials were held in 2006

  • Bible study

  • Monthly General Meetings (last Wednesday each month)

  • Posters, invitation cards and notices in the Church Bulletins were used to increase the visibility of the group within the church community and invite new members.

  • E-mail listing created to improve communication and our contact listing updated

  • Framed citation presented to Fr. Jennings at the end of his ministry at St. Andrew Parish Church.

  • The group was able to extend its support to our member Yasmin Gibson whose father died earlier this year by visiting the family and attending the funeral service.

Revised Structure
In September the group was restructured. This facilitates more flexible meeting times for smaller groups and the increased involvement of members in decision-making and event-planning. The members were distributed among the following groups:

  • Faith-Formation - which planned and hosted the October event - a forum on 'Prayer for the Young Adult' led by Dr. Lucien Jones. The text from the forum was later provided by Dr. Jones and e-mailed to all members on the mailing list.
  • Personal Development & Sports -- a forum on Young Adult health issues.
  • Mission Activity - to encourage a sense of mission among members & the church in general
  • Fellowship & Fundraising - to promote closeness among members of the group and plan & execute fund-raising activities.

A 4-member Central Coordinating Body led by Terry-Anne Wilson oversees the general activities of the group. Members are Katherine Williamson, Edison Galbraith & Nicola Carney.


  • The focus of the Young Adult group of 2007 will continue to be on developing the individual Christian confidence of group members and strengthening the relationships among them, so the group becomes a strong support system
  • for its members and the church community.

Meeting Times
Weekly Bible study/spiritual development exercise (Thursdays at 7pm)
Monthly seminars on various topics.

Extracted from report submitted by Terry-Anne Wilson - Coordinator

Special Committees

Property and Building (P&B) Committee

SAPC properties

  • Church environs -Hagley ParkRoad
  • Church building/Old Court House/Church Office
  • Cemetery/Columbarium/Car Park
  • Annex/Caretakers Cottage
  • St. Andrew Care Centre
  • Ambrook Lane - Cottage #1/Cottage #2
  • Ellesmere Road
  • Church Hall/Cottage #1/Cottage #2/Home for Girls
  • Moreton Park Cottages
  • #4 HopeRoad
  • Rectory
  • St. Clement's

The Property and Building Committee in carrying out its mandate met on a monthly basis to review activities established for the year.
Following receipt of loan funding plans were put in place to carry out repairs to the Rectory and the roof of the church building. Work on the rectory was completed which allowed the Rector to move in before the end of the year and repairs to the roof of the church building were well advanced by December. The matter in regard to transferring of the lands being used for the car park, from the Ministry of Lands and Environment (formerly Ministry of Works) to the Church was resolved. Work commenced on repairs to the Church Office Building . This was commissioned by the Facey family. A new lease arrangement was successfully negotiated with NCB for the premises at #4 Hope Road. Discussions with the Jamaica Library Service in regard to use of the Annex as a resource center progressed . Several meetings and discussions were held to review the proposals. A report is to be sent to the church committee for their review and comments before submitting the proposal to JSIF for grant funding.

Church Grounds and Environs Committee
The Committee which has responsibility for the cemetery and the church grounds including the collumbarium was re-activated and a new chairman Mr. Horace Abrahams was selected. Major clean-up of the entire cemetery took place and efforts are being made to maintain the area in an acceptable state. A major challenge is to source funds to undertake repairs to the road ways and path ways, identification of .graves and maintaining up-to-date records.

Church Hall
Plumbing issues were dealt with and water tanks obtained and installed so as to alleviate problems with water lock offs. Funds are to be sourced to deal with sections of the roof in need of repairs.

Submitted by the Property and Building Committee.

Youth Committee Report (Summary) for 2006

The Youth Committee comprises of a chairperson and representatives from the following youth groups/organizations within the church:

  • Anglican Youth Fellowship (AYF)
  • Sunday School
  • Youth Choir
  • Servers Guild
  • Young Adults
  • St. Clements youth group
  • Little Brothers of St Andrews.

The Youth Committee functioned as a guide that supported the work of the various youth organizations within the church. We also provided, where we could, resources in the form of persons and/or physical means to those groups needing assistance in carrying out their ministry. The committee also worked directly with the Education and Youth Department in informing and finding support for the groups to take part in Diocesan events. Although a budget was sent to the finance committee, most activities were primarily funded by parents, support groups and contributions from organizations within the church family.

Achievements for the 2006:

  • Helped in organizing/planning the confirmation Youth Retreat in February
  • Youth session - The Authenticity of the Bible (AYF) - Dr. David Kuck in April
  • Assisted those youths who went on the Atlanta Adventure in July
  • Sourced funds for Atlanta Adventure T-shirts (Friends of the Sunday School)
  • Sourced funds to send three youths to the Diocesan summer camps (Brotherhood of St. Andrew).
  • Supported the Diocesan Creative Arts Workshop in August (Youth Choir)
  • Facilitate Young Adults to the Christian Teaching Conference in October
  • Youth week and Regional Rally November 12th - 18th

Despite the challenges faced in 2006, we give God thanks for the year and look forward to bigger and better things in 2007! Thanks team.

Extracted from report submitted by Dr.Nigel Elliott Chairman

Fund Raising Planning Sub-Committee

A fundraising committee was established to examine the immediate, medium and long-term needs of the church and the organizations (i.e. for operating expenses, maintenance and capital works) and to submit feedback and recommendations to the Church Committee of initiatives to be taken to close any financial gaps that might exist. The recommendation to also provide specific feed back and recommendations regarding the revitalization of the existing Endowment Fund vis-à-vis the starting up of a new Endowment Fund.
The members of the committee consist of:

  • Douglas Folkes (Chairman)
  • Andrea Chin-See (Co-ordinator)
  • Vin Lawrence
  • George Briggs
  • Neville Baker
  • Kathy Marrett
  • Mildred Hutchinson (Recording Secretary)

The committee met and agreed (a) to prepare a short concept paper outlining the steps that will be necessary to address the problem, which would be submitted to the church committee and once endorsed to be used as a guide for implementing the action plan;
(b) a Steering Committee to be established to fully develop the action plan necessary to realize the various financial targets that are to be set using the approach recommended.

A draft proposal was prepared and submitted to the church committee for review and comments. It is expected that in 2007 the church committee will address the matter and advise the fund raising committee of the next steps.

Human Resource (H.R.) Committee

During the year a Human Resource Committee was established to provide support to the Church Committee by reviewing, developing and monitoring human resource strategic policies and optimization of the church's human capital. The responsibilities include reviewing and monitoring the HR capacity of the staff; develop the HR. Strategic Plan and submit the Plan to the church committee for approval; monitor and review the implementation of the HR Strategic plan; provide leadership, advice and direction on HR policies to the Rector, to review HR policies ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to formulate HR policies relating to but not limited to the following areas: (i) recruitment, selection and dismissal; (ii) compensation and related benefits including vacation; (iii) performance appraisal system(iv) training and development and (v) disciplinary policy.

The membership comprises the following: Mr. Ward Mills (Chairman); Dr. Blossom O'Meally-Nelson; Mr. Al Casserly, Mr. George Briggs and Mr. Clifton Forbes. The committee met and reviewed job descriptions which had been prepared for three positions; discussed the action items to be included in the Strategic Plan , personal file audit, action time table for activities among other areas.

A Plan of Action is being prepared for submission to the Church Committee.

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Ecclesiastical Report - Year 2006

  • Membership - 2,650

  • Members on electoral roll - 1,000

  • Overseas members - It is difficult to determine the numbers of persons who can be referred to as overseas members. However several members maintain regular contact, send donations and visit when in the island. The Reception Committee sends copies of documents to a number of these persons.

  • Baptisms Adults - 6, Children - 16

  • Confirmed Adults - 7, Juniors - 17

  • Sunday School Registered - 175

  • Average attendance - 95

  • Communion to the Sick - 275

  • Shut-in members about 150

  • Marriages - 3

  • Burials - Cemetery - 38

  • Columbarium - 18

  • Tuesday Charity (registered) - 82

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St. Andrew Parish Church - Calendar 2007

Ash Wednesday February 21
Lenten Devotions February 22 - March 29
Youth Retreat February 23 - 24
Adult Retreat March 2- 4
St. Andrew Settlement
(Focus month)
Palm Sunday April 1
Confirmation April 1
Good Friday April 6
Easter Day April 8
Diocesan Synod April 10 - 13
Alpha April 18 - July 11
(to be confirmed)
Diocesan Children Sunday May 6
SAPC Home for Girls
(Focus month)
Healing Conference May 25 - 27
St. Andrew Deanery Day To be advised
Missionary July 1
Moreton Park
(Focus month)
Adult Confirmation Classes begin September 12
Junior Confirmation Classes begin September 14
St. Andrew Care Centre
(Focus month)
Harvest Thanksgiving October 28
Annual Parish Retreat November 2- 3
Annual Supper November 16
St. Andrew's Day December 1
Patronal Festival December 2
Advent Devotions November 29 to December 20
Gift Day December 19
Christmas Day December 25

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Committee Chairperson
Moreton Park Cottages Mrs. Karlene Gordon
SAPC Home for Girls Miss Sonya Hamilton
St. Andrew Care Centre Mr. Alvaro Casserly
St. Andrew Settlement Mr. Rex James
St. Clement's Mrs. Sybil Thompson
Christian Education Committee Mr. George Briggs
Finance Committee Mr. Mike Fennell
Property and Building Dr. Vincent Lawrence
Supper Committee Mr. Frank Williams
Youth Committee Dr. Nigel Elliott

Parish Groups

Parish Group Meets Time Venue
Alpha (11 weeks) 2 weeks after Easter 5:30 p.m. Church Hall
Altar Guild Quarterly (Saturdays) 4:00 p.m. Church Office
BSA Last Saturdays 10:00 a.m. Church Hall
Fellowship Groups Irregular   Various
Friends of the Sunday School Irregular    
Grief Support Group Wednesdays 5:30 p.m. Church Office
Little Brothers Saturdays 11:00 a.m. SA Care Centre
Mothers' Union Last Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. Church Office
Reception Committee Last Wednesdays 5:30 p.m. Church Office
Sunday School Weekly (except August)    
Senior Choir Thursdays 5:30 p.m. Church
Servers Guild 4th Saturdays 2:00 p.m. Church Office
St. Clement's 2nd Mondays 6:00 p.m. St. Clement's
Women's Auxiliary First Wednesdays 5:15 p.m. Church Office
Womens' Working Committee Third Sundays 9:45 a.m. Irregular
Young Adults 1st and 3rd Fridays 5:30 p.m. OC House
Youth Choir Saturdays 2 - 4 p.m. Church
Anglican Youth Fellowship Saturdays 4:00 p.m. OC House

"This is how one should regard us, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God."
1Corinthians 4:1

January 2007

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