Annual Report For The Year 2004

Anniversary Commemoration

Table of Contents

Church Staff & Committee
Church Committee Report
Missions and Outreach
Church Groups
Summary of Receipts and Payments, 2004
Ecclesiastical Report
Church Calendar - 2005
Church Vision & Mission

Church Staff
Priest Assistant
Hon. Clergy
Admin. Officer
Rector's Secretary
Property Manager
Assistant Verger

- Rev. Canon Robert Thompson
- Rev. Fr. Robert McLean
- Rev. Fr. Edward Jennings (December)
- Rev. Dr. David Kuck
- Mrs. Elsie Aarons
- Miss Lynnette Mightly
- Mrs. Grace Geohagen
- Mr. Orlando Strudwick
- Mr. Vernon Miranda
- Miss Ann Morrison
- Miss Nicole Reid
Church Committee - 2004

  • Mr. Alvaro Casserly - Member, Incorporated Lay Body
  • Dr. Vincent Lawrence - Member, Incorporated Lay Body; Rector's Warden
  • Mr. Mike Fennell - Member, Incorporated Lay Body; Chairman, Diocesan Financial Board.

Lay Representatives to Synod

  • Mr. Frank James
  • Miss Yolande Whitely - Church Secretary

Other members

  • Mr. Neville Baker – People’s Warden
  • Mr. Trevor Blake
  • Mr. George Briggs
  • Dr. Nigel Elliott
  • Mr. Douglas Folkes
  • Mr. Lloyd Gooden – Church Treasurer
  • Mrs. Marva Greig – Rep. to Deanery Council
  • Miss Sonya Hamilton
  • Mr. Rex James
  • Dr. Lucien Jones
  • Mrs. Jacqueline Mighty
  • Mr. Tony Patel
  • Mrs. Jennifer Goodison – Recording Sec.
Ancillary Staff
  • Mr. Linton Smith
  • Miss Beverly Burrell
  • Miss Sherene Gordon
  • Mr. Clifton Luke
  • Mr. Everton Williams
Parish Office
Half Way Tree
Kingston 10
Tel. 926-6692, 968-9366
Fax. 960-8463

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Report From The Church Committee For The Year 2004

The year began with the Annual Congregational Meeting held on January 25, 2004 under the Chairmanship of the Curate in Charge - Rev. Fr. Everton Cunningham. Year 2004 was yet another challenging year for this Parish as the Church Committee, along with the other Committees and Parish Groups, worked to further the ministry of the Church. The clergy are deeply grateful for the support and assistance given by the congregation in so many areas of endeavor. Special appreciation is extended to those who gave generously in time, money, prayers and personal care and who have worked to achieve various objectives.

The Rector completed doctoral studies at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts and he and his family returned in the latter half of 2004. Additional clergy assistance was given by Rev.Fr Robert McLean who was ordained to the priesthood in November and Rev. Fr. Edward Jennings who joined the staff in December.

We are indeed grateful to:

  • Rev. Fr. Everton Cunningham and his wife Kadean who directed and led the ministry of the Parish Church during the absence of the Rector. Our prayers are with them as they continue in ministry at St. Paul's Mission, Greater Portmore.

  • Rev. Fr. Robert McLean who assisted with parish ministry and worked especially with the shut-ins, the elderly and the sick.

  • Sister Doris Levien who continues to assist with Bible study and with Services on Sundays. She maintains contact with those of our members whom she meets at the UWI hospital.

  • Rev. Dr. David Kuck and his wife Mary for their pastoral assistance and participation in our worship Services here and at Majesty Gardens. Dr. Kuck is presently on 6 months sabbatical leave in the US.

  • Dr. Vincent Lawrence and Mr. Neville Baker - the two Wardens - for their guidance during the year.

  • Mrs. Elsie Aarons, Administrative Officer, for her invaluable support.

  • Miss Lynette Mightly, who continues to work part-time providing secretarial assistance and performing special duties in the Church Office;

  • Mrs. Gracie Geohagen, part time accountant, for her contribution in this area of work and Mrs. Elesia Blackburn, Mrs. Lynette Allen and Mr. Junior Graham - recently replaced by Mrs. Carol Graham - who assist with the accounting process;

  • Mr. Orlando Strudwick - Property Manager - for his active attention to our properties.

  • The Vergers - Mr. Vernon Miranda - Verger, Miss Ann Morrison - Assistant Verger. Ann Morrison continues her work in the Church Office assisting with scheduling sick visits and managing the Tuesday Charity programme among other activities;

  • The Ancillary staff - Mr. Linton Smith (Caretaker - Church Hall), Miss Beverly Burrell, Miss Sherene Gordon and Mr. Clifton Luke (Cleaners) and Mr. Everton Williams - Church Caretaker

I also wish to express thanks to:

  • The Organists - Mr. Paul Bicknell, Mrs. June Spence, Mrs. Jacqueline Wright-James and Mr. Donald Hossack; Mention must also be made of Mr. Dwight McBean who maintains our organ and who liaised closely with the repairers over the past year.

  • The Choir Directors -Mr. Audley Davidson - Director of the Senior Choir; Mrs. Marcia Ashley - Youth Choir Director and Miss Yvonne Sterrett and the Choirs who have contributed to the vibrancy of our worship.

  • Mrs. Jennifer Goodison - Recording Secretary to the Church Committee.

  • The many Organisations and Groups whose members give so freely of their time and continue to provide their services for the corporate good of the Church.


We welcomed Rev. Fr. Edward Jennings (Priest Assistant) and his wife Karlene on December 15, 2004.


To those who have received national awards and other special recognition.


To all those who lost loved ones during the year.

Congregational life

The spiritual life of the Church is its reason for being and this, as the purpose of our existence, receives major focus.

  • Lenten Studies were guided by the theme "The fruit of the Spirit is Love" and these were led by a pastoral team which focused in turn on the Fruit of the Spirit

  • St. Andrew Parish Church participated with Holy Cross Church in the Annual Marian Service on January 21. The preacher was the Rev. Canon Ralston Smith.

  • A Youth Retreat was held February 27-28 and led by Rev. Robert McLean and the Youth Committee.

  • An Adult Retreat was held February 27-28 at Hillcrest Retreat Centre in Brown's Town and led by Rev. Br. Anthony Michael.

  • The fourth Alpha Training Programme was held April 21 - June 30, 2004

  • St. Andrew Deanery Day was again hosted by this Church on July 11, 2004 at the Church Hall , Ellesmere Road.

  • Special Services - Harvest Thanksgiving was held on October 24 with guest Rev. Fr. Barry Soares. The 340th Anniversary Commemoration and Patronal Festival were celebrated on Sunday December 5 with celebrant and Preacher the Most Rev. Drexel Gomez, Archbishop of the West Indies.

  • At the Ordination held on November 28 at Kingston Parish Church four persons including Rev. Fr. Robert McLean were ordained to the priesthood.

  • This Church continues to participate in the activities of the Half Way Tree Ministers Fellowship which promotes the midday Reflections on Wednesdays at noon. Greater participation by members would be rewarding.

  • Ministry to the sick and physically challenged improved given the visitation programme designed to involve all Parish groups. This has been successful and rewarding to those involved in this area of Christian ministry.

  • The Discernment Committee continues its work to help nurture vocations within the congregation and to identify and support those who feel called to special ministries within the Church. Two persons were interviewed and the findings of the Committee submitted to the Priest in Charge.

  • The Anniversary Committee, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Alvaro Casserly, worked to plan the 340th Anniversary celebrations of this Church. The planned activities will continue through 2005 and the programme has been made available through the weekly bulletin and website.

  • The Annual Business Retreat was held November 6 and a short report was presented in the December issue of the Parishioner.

  • The address of the Church's website was changed to . This continues to produce information on this church including the weekly Bulletin and the Parishioner.

  • Repairs to the organ which started in November 2003 (Phase 1) continued during May 2004 (Phase 2). This was a costly exercise and we must seek to repay the debt of J$3·6.

  • This year we continued recognition of our Outreach Programmes in special months of the year. This has been useful as it allows each group to join in Corporate Communion at least once per year and for members to hear about the work of that group on that occasion.

  • This Church continued its chaplincy through the clergy and staff at Queen's School, Half Way Tree Primary School and the Womens' Crisis Centre.

  • We are grateful to all who have submitted reports of Outreach and Group activities for the year 2004. These had to be edited for inclusion in this document. Originals, in their entirety, will be tabled at the Annual Congregational Meeting and are available on request for perusal in the Church Office. Our Outreach Groups have expressed the need for special skills such as counselors and interested persons to minister to the needs of the young, the elderly and those who may be physically or emotionally challenged. The Parish Groups need additional members and anyone who is not a member of any of these groups is invited to call the Church Office for referral.

We have much to be grateful for in that we were spared the total wrath of Hurricane Ivan. In spite of this however, we sustained minimal damage - totaling some J$1·6 million at our properties. St. Andrew Parish Church has, with God's help, come through another year of challenging activities. We give thanks for everything we have been able to achieve and look forward to God's guidance with the mission and work to be accomplished in the year ahead.

Rev. Canon Robert Thompson

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Reports - Missions and Outreach

Moreton Park Homes Committee

The long term future of the Moreton Park Homes continues to be a challenge to the Church and to the Committee overseeing the operation of the homes. Earlier this year, the Committee organised a project group to undertake a strategic analysis of the current status of the homes and to look at some options for future development and operation of the facilities. A situation analysis established that:

  • Moreton Park Homes are situated in an area that is expected to remain a good residential neighbourhood for the foreseeable future.

  • The road network is good and transportation facilities are readily available.

  • The homes are within easy reach of shops, churches and other social support facilities.

  • There are no exceptional security issues.

Of the twelve units available in the six cottages, seven are occupied by residents ranging in age from forty to eighty years. Two units are allocated to the caretaker and family, and one is used as the TV/common room for the residents and one unit is vacant. All residents are responsible for their own care. The homes generate no real income, with only one contributing resident. Church members and other well-wishers make donations of food, toiletries and clothing to some residents. The expenses of operating the facilities are met from fundraising, gifts and bequests. During the year the following activities were undertaken/expenses met:

  • Sunday dinners for residents, donated by Lions Club of New Kingston

  • Visits and care by students participating in community service programmes

  • Donation of clothing from charitable organizations

  • Christmas social and gift giving by committee members

The physical structures are in poor shape and significant repairs are needed. Toilet facilities must be greatly upgraded and cooking areas modernised and made functional. Funds are currently being raised to improve security with repair to walls and fences. Landscaping improvements are needed. Significant capital investment is needed to improve the facilities for residents living independently. For dependent aged persons much greater investment will be required. The question thus arises – what is the best use, consistent with the outreach goals of the church, to which the facilities may be put?

The work of the project group led to the identification of a number of options, three of which were selected for further investigation. These, in order of priority, are

    1. A ‘Day Care’/Activity Centre for the Elderly;

    2. Temporary Hostel-type Accommodation; and

    3. A Half-Way House for the Girl’s Home Graduates.

Work has started on developing a pre-feasibility of the project idea for the Activity Centre for the Elderly, by a Project Planning Committee comprising the Chairman, June Rose, Marcia Goodall and George Briggs. June Rose’s research has established that –

  • An ‘Activity Centre’ is preferable to a ‘Day Care Centre’ which requires registration, medical supervision and professional staffing and services;

  • Inspection of facilities by the MOH will be required prior to operation

  • Refurbishing of the premises must provide for the special needs of the elderly – e.g. ramps, toilets

  • Provision has to be made for physical activities by the clients – exercise area, programme of physical activities

  • Provision to be made for social, educational, spiritual, social and art and craft activities

  • The Centre will have to provide lunch and snacks

  • Clients would be dropped off and picked up within set times – 10 to 25 start-up clients manageable

  • Minimum staffing would include coordinator with ‘activity’ skills, Practical Nurse, cook and cleaner

  • A scale of fees will have to be set to cover operating costs.

  • Sponsorship for capital and operating expenses is a good possibility.

Given the go-ahead a project plan will be developed.

General maintenance work was executed throughout the year on plumbing repairs, doors, locks and roof. Damage from Ivan was mainly to roofs and there were fallen trees and branches. Estimates for repair work have been obtained and corrective actions will take place in the next two weeks. The Committee continues to work with residents who are elderly, mentally and emotionally challenged and great patience has to be exercised. Every effort is being made to have relatives assume responsibilities as caregivers but this meets with minimal success. The Committee has refrained from taking in any new residents in light of the long-term goal.

The accounts currently total $375,000.00. Fund raising events are planned for 2005 so that the property can be fenced to reduce the current security risk. The police have responded on several occasions to reports of prowlers on the property. Erection of a chain-link fence on one side of the property will commence shortly.

Submitted November 4, 2004 by Karlene Gordon, Chairman. George A. Briggs Co-Chairman

St. Clement's Mission

St. Clement’s Mission continues to have a sustained positive impact on the community of Kencot, evidenced by: -

  • Average attendance of 24 in weekly Sunday evening services.

  • HRD programmes to assist Kencot residents achieve greater economic independence.

Spirituality - In addition to Sunday School and evening service, a number of confirmation candidates from the community attend classes at SAPC. St. Clement’s Day, November 23, was celebrated on Sunday, November 28, 2004. The restoration and refurbishing of the Chapel was completed during 2004.

Community Outreach

  • Adult Literacy Programme - One-year programme successfully conducted by Young Adults’ Group of SAPC and 14 students were presented certificates at graduation in May 2004.

  • Homework Assistance Programme - caters to 27 children, ages 7–15, supervised by a trained teacher, and has been very successful.

  • Summer Camp 2004 - was held August 16-27 with 30 campers aged 6-14.

Outlook for 2005 - All projects currently underway will be continued or re-started. In addition, efforts will be made to refurbish the second trailer in order that additional training programmes may be undertaken. Proposed HRD programmes include Cosmetology/Barbering, Dining Room/Hospitality, Floral Decoration. These were the most popular on a community needs analysis which was conducted.

Budget for 2005

Funds required by HRD Programmes


Funds required by the Mission


Total Funds necessary to finance St. Clement’s Activities in 2005


Less Funds to be raised by Management Committee


Support necessary from St. Andrew Parish Church


Submitted by Sybil Thompson, Chairman – St. Clement’s Management Committee

St. Andrew Care Centre

Overview - The St Andrew Care Centre continued to function as a principal component of the Possibility Programme which seeks to address the needs of boys and young men through a three-part facility:

  • The St. Andrew Care Centre, serving as an intake, assessment and referral centre.
  • The Skills/ Employment Centre, providing skills training and job placement.
  • Behaviour Modification Camps, where behavioural disorders are addressed.

In 2004, the challenge has been to strengthen the capacity of the Programmes to achieve the overall objective of addressing the needs of the boys and recording successes.

Project mission - The mission of the St. Andrew Care Centre (SACC) is to rehabilitate and prepare annually an estimated fifty street and at-risk boys for integration in the society and to become productive citizens. The Care Centre endeavours to assess each child or youth to determine individual needs and to make referrals to a relevant partner agency for attention to the needs.

Governance - The St. Andrew Care Centre is governed by a Board of Management having direct responsibility for the Centre and its operations. During the year the services of two Members were lost; Mrs. Millicent Taylor died in July, Mr. Philip Downer went overseas in November.

Project implementation - Since December 2001 when the Care Centre began operations, 242 boys have been registered, having been registered in 2004. The services provided by the Care Centre include:

  • Basic care: 2 meals daily (breakfast and lunch), shower and laundry facilities and clothing
  • School placements
  • Referrals and skills training
  • Remedial education
  • Life skills training
  • Individual / Group counselling / Case management
  • Parent training

The daily programmes begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. and include: breakfast, lunch, remedial education - language, arts, mathematics, health science, group activities - business counselling, personality development, games- cricket, football. A wide range of activities seek to address the state of wellness of the clients. Through structured interaction, the Centre offers opportunities to rebuild trust, self-esteem, spiritual love, morale and seek to make the boys functional. The issues of youth and crime, substance abuse, anger management, basic personality and social skills enhancement are also addressed.

Budget - At the beginning of the year the Care Centre had a Budget of approximately $4 Million. Funding was obtained for expansion of the leadership strengthening and capacity building areas of the programme. For the year, January to December 2004, the Care Centre had Receipts of $5.7 Million and Expenses of $5.4 Million.

Submitted by Alvaro Casserly, Chairman

St. Andrew Parish Church Home for Girls

Rap Session - Marcia Forbes, former G.M. TVJ, spoke with girls on impact of DJ Music on teenagers

Rap Session - Red Cross - Jenny Wagdoe spoke on "Safe Sex"
CDA Inspection - Reported that Dormitories need ceiling fans; Smoke detectors are required throughout.
Repairs - Carpentry work done on dormitory doors, cupboards & partitions.

Tarrant High School held "Gender Week" from 7-12th. Miss Rowena McKenzie attended and spoke with teachers.

Ms. McKenzie attended on 24th, a Seminar on 'Parenting'
Claudia Garrick- for 1yr - started Food & Nutrition Training thru HEART at Boys Town Voc. Training Centre.

28th all from the home attended 'Passion of the Christ'

CDA Officer, Ms. Francis spoke with girls on behavioural problems.

Focus Month at Church -

Corporate Communion 2nd.

Labour Day Clean up assisted by Glenlyon Lodge & Breakfast Optimists.

Tea Party - 29th at Kings House. Profit = $232,890

Workshop at UWI,'Working with Children who are victims of Violence' attended by Miss Campbell and Miss McKenzie.

An old girl of the home (Sally), with church friends held a treat & gave gifts to each girl.

EFJ Grant Funding - 1st.

The Home rcvd. Grant funding of $5.9M to build Counselling Room and Classroom with Computers and small Library. Drainage problem fixed.

JMMB Branch Manager spoke on job opportunities, benefits of saving & interpersonal skills.
6th, all attended the play "Trapped".

Rev. Canon Robert Wright from a Church in Atlanta visited with the girls & they all had a good time.

CDA observed our food storage & preparation which they found satisfactory.

Summer Workshop held 5-29th - Focus was on remedial reading with minor on craft.

Church Army Student, Molly Walton visited with the girls during the summer.

Eight girls visited Serenity Park with other Sunday School Students on 10th.

RBTT gave gifts of personal items.

Mediamix gave gift baskets of groceries.

Ja. Orphans & Vulnerable Children - 14th visited & spoke on HIV/AIDS.

Breakfast Optimist Club members on 16th, visited and treated the girls.

Sof-Sheen Carson visited and demonstrated hair care procedures.

Miss Campbell attended meeting at CDA re Changes in the Governance of Children.

Ministry of Health Reps. visited to discuss proper nutrition with staff and girls.

On the 5th the girls & Ms. McKenzie attended 'Mello-Go-Round' at the Arena

Hurricane Ivan has highlighted the faulty roof over the dormitories. The slope is insufficient resulting in several leaks. Estimate is $270,000 to repair.

CDA held workshop at Maxfield Park Children's Home. Ms. McKenzie attended.

Meisha Simon was successful at HEART test to pursue Food & Nutrition at Boys Town V.T.C.

Swimming Classes began for four girls at St. Andrew H.S. $2000 per girl per term.

ASHE - 3 girls have joined to be coached in Drama, Singing, & Dancing. $3000 per girl per term.

14th Breakfast Optimists invited the girls to an evening of fun and games.

The girls attended the play "Pickney Business" at the Louise Bennett entertainment center on 4th. Several other treats were held during the month, including the Annual Christmas Dinner with the managing committee.

We wish to thank all who gave contributions during the year and at Christmas.

Submitted by Sonya Hamilton, Chairman

St. Andrew Settlement, Majesty Gardens

Administration - The staff compliment remains the same. The Peace Corps volunteer Kathy Nesby left in August and since then, she has provided sponsorship to assist a member of the community with evening classes. Plans are in place for a new Peace Corp worker.

Resignation - The Deputy Director, Mr. Phillip Downer, formally tendered his resignation effective the 12th of November, 2004 and he and his family migrated to Canada.

Health - Work at the clinic continues but medications from the Government supplier were reduced drastically since April. The clinic is almost out of supplies. In October, Dr. Wright took a one-month break from the Settlement due to unruly behaviour of patients who were involved in a fight during her visit. Dr. Jones continues to assist. Attempts are still being made to get the Dental Clinic operational.

Basic School - The Basic School reopened on September 6th in the new building. The Blessing of the building was postponed to early 2005.

Mission House - The Mission House is being renovated for the sole purpose of worship. In addition to Church and Sunday School, weekly Monday bible studies are conducted.

Education - Capital and Credit Merchant Bank sponsored six students through school at approximately $30,000.00 each. Grace Kennedy and Staff Foundation continue to sponsor the Home Work Programme and the under 15 football programme.

Finance - The bun project made a profit of approximately $500,000.00. The Settlement is still in need of funds to offset daily operational costs. Sponsorship is becoming difficult to obtain. The Settlement benefited immensely from the programme which designated March as St. Andrew Settlement Month. The budget for 2005 is $5 million.

Senior Citizens Programme - Senior Citizens received certificates for Art and Craft and Culinary Submissions. Six members died and our numbers are now sixty-three of which approximately 25% are Shut-Ins. Reverend Robert McLean conducts weekly bible classes with this group and his presence is well appreciated.

Majesty Gardens - At a recent Board meeting, Mr. Morin Seymour and representatives from the Kingston Restoration Company (KRC), made a presentation on how to access small business support (training and finance) through the Micro Enterprise Financing Limited. This information was passed on to the Community Based Organization. During the year, the CBO accessed funding from the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, in the sum of four million dollars ($4,000,000.00), for sanitation and environmental projects. Other community projects were funded by CIDA and Green Fund.

Hurricane Ivan - The passage of Hurricane Ivan saw many residents taking shelter at the Settlement in the Community Centre, the Dental Clinic and the Mission House. It was disappointing to see the way in which the shelters were treated by the residents. Damage to the roof amounted to approximately $25,000.00. An estimate has been submitted to the church.

Summer School - Summer School was conducted in July with the assistance of teachers from the community and partly funded by the CBO. 118 children attended. Members of Majesty Magic and the Sunday School received sponsorship from members of St. Andrew Parish Church to attend the Diocesan Church Camp in Negril.

Justice of the Peace - Mr. Clifford Strudwick continues to provide needed and valuable service to the people of Majesty Gardens who are in need of the services of a Justice of the Peace especially in light of the policy that persons must be known to JP's who are signing documents. Mr. Strudwick signs on the recommendation of Mr. Jos Chambers

C.V.S.S. - The Council for Voluntary Social Services conducted an evaluation of member organizations of which St. Andrew Settlement was one. They provided a consultant who assisted the Board in putting together a strategic plan at a workshop which was hosted by the Chairman Mr. Rex James.

Submitted October 2004 by Jos Chambers

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Reports - Mission and Spirituality - Church Groups

Alpha 2004

Alpha is a short, practical introduction to the Christian faith, developed at Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), an Anglican Church in London, England and now used worldwide by many denominations as an Evangelical tool. St. Andrew Parish Church has been running the course annually since 2000. Alpha 2004, the 5th Alpha was held on Wednesday evenings between 5:30 pm and 8:15 pm from Wednesday, May 21 to Wednesday, June 30 at the Church Hall. The Church paid for the security, and meals etc. were covered by contributions from those participating.

Training Sessions for facilitators were held prior to the start of the programme. Each evening began with a light meal, followed by lively worship, a videoed talk by Rev. Nicky Gumbell of HTB then discussion and Bible study in small groups. A one (1) day Holy Spirit Retreat was held at the United Theological College on Saturday, May 29. Attendance at the sessions ranged from 34 to 46. The Retreat was attended by 34 persons.

Submitted November 2, 2004 by Joey James - Alpha Coordinator

Altar Guild

The Guild has a membership of some 52 persons and this group continued to fulfill its mandate of preparation of the Church for Sunday worship. This included responsibility for floral décor and provision, preparation, maintenance of altar and church linen and sacred vessels. There was participation in other Diocesan Floral festivals and special events. Work is in progress on landscaping the car park and this has been a special effort of the Guild for the year 2004. Funding is provided by members of the Guild as well as through a single fundraising effort during the year. Expenditure is on flowers, floral foam (oasis) and linen. Given the high cost of linen and the need to replace a significant portion of current stocks the Guild is concerned about the lack of available resources to fill this need. The Guild expects to assist with the co-ordination of a Floral Festival and a Choral evening in mid-April as part of the planned activities for the 340th Anniversary Commemoration.

Submitted October 20, 2004 by Elsie E Aarons (Secretary)

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew

The Brotherhood observes three (3) disciplines - Prayer, Study and Service. During the period under review the St. Andrew Parish Church Chapter was engaged in the following activities:


    1. St. Clement's Mission, Kencot - Conducted Evening Prayer with Sermon on Sundays as requested.

    2. St. Mark's, Scot's Hall - Conducted Morning Prayer with sermon on 4th Sundays.

    3. St. Andrew Settlement - Conducted Morning Prayer with sermon on Fifth Sundays.


Bishop Gibson's Home

  • The Chapter is represented on the Board;
  • Provided financial contribution - annually;
  • Provided support to their annual fundraiser by purchasing and distributing tickets.

Youth Fellowship

Sponsored two (2) members from the St. Andrew Parish Church Youth Fellowship to the Christian Teaching Conference hosted by the Education and Youth Department of the Diocese in October 2004.

Visitation - Made regular visits to Brotherhood members who are sick and shut-in.
Bereavement - Provided emotional as well as financial support to bereaved families of Brothers who have passed on. (During the past few months the chapter has lost long standing members.)

Accolades - In May the late Bro. Victor Barrett was honoured by the BSA in appreciation for almost fifty years of dedicated service. The BSA is happy that they were able to express appreciation before his passing in August.

St. Andrew Care Centre - The chapter has decided to be more actively involved with the activities of the Care Centre. A proposal for a project, involving the street boys, is being developed for discussion with chairman

Parish activities - The Chapter supported all of St. Andrew Parish Church Activities including fundraising events.

Submitted October 20, 2004 by Stanley Gordon/BSA

Felloship Groups

The Fellowship groups of St. Andrew Parish Church continue to meet regularly. There are now thirteen groups. The purpose of these groups is to study the Bible together, to pray together and to share with each other. All groups participated in corporate Communion as usual on the first Sunday in Lent.

The theme for the annual one day retreat on Saturday March 20, 2004 was " Our Christian Journey" The first session "Walking with Christ" was led by Dr David Kuck. The second session "Companions on the Way" was interactive and led by Joan Reader. The third session "Co-workers with Christ" was led by Rev. Father Edward Jennings. The Fellowship Groups have continued to take the Sunday Evening Service on the third Sunday of each month. Since the beginning of 2004 activities have been extended to visitation of some shut in members. The Joint Fellowship Groups' Service was held on the third Sunday in November and was well attended. The theme was 'Listening to God', and the message given by Margaret Newman. The Fellowship Group Social on the first Saturday in December was held at the Rectory.

Plans for 2005 include Corporate Communion on the first Sunday in Lent, a Retreat on a Saturday in Lent, a Social in December and increased membership.

Coordinators Joyce James, Joan Reader

Little Brothers of St. Andrew

This Committee is concluding its 10th year of operation having been established as a special ministry to focus on boys at risk who frequent the environs of the Parish Church. The Saturday programme which was developed for them evolved into the establishment of a permanent centre - the St. Andrew Care Centre - in 2001. The Saturday programme continues with assistance from a volunteer group. This group gives instruction in Bible knowledge, world knowledge and creative arts.
Submitted November 1, 2004 by Minke Newman

Mothers' Union

Monthly meetings were held on the last Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. Membership now stands at Fifty Nine (59) excluding shut-ins. Three (3) new members were enrolled at our Cooperate Communion in June. Members participated in Corporate Communion on the second Sunday in each month at the 7:30 a.m. Eucharist.


  • Thirty (31) members from our Branch attended the Annual General Meeting, held at the Karram Spied Auditorium in February.

  • Twenty Eight (28) members from our Branch attended the Regional meeting held at Christ Church in Port Antonio on July 18.

  • Members of this Branch attended all Deanery Meetings held during the year.

  • Sixteen (16) of our members attended the Lady Day Service held at St. Michael's Church, Victoria Avenue, on the 24th of March.

  • In June Twenty Eight (28) of our members attended the Branch Retreat at the Church Hall. Holy Eucharist was followed by a presentation on the TENETS of the Church by the Rev'd. Father Everton Cunningham.

  • One member attended the Annual Training Seminar, held at Church House on May 28th and 29th

  • As part of our outreach, Members of the Mothers' Union visited with the Girls of the SAPC Home for Girls on a quarterly basis when special activities were shared to generate interaction and participation. One of the girls was sponsored at the Summer Workshop.

  • In May - Child's Month - the group visited the St. Andrew Settlement in Majesty Gardens. Some Twenty (20) members attended and Mrs Colleen Tinker- White led the group in a lively and informative session.

  • The MU continued to operate a Blood Pressure Clinic at the Church, on the 3rd Monday of each month at 4 p.m. The clinic is operated by nurse Daphne Martin.

  • Our Cradle Roll activities continued with members of the Mothers' Union attending the preparation classes with the Priest, parents and god-parents of babies to be baptised. The group also participated in the family service on the 4th Sunday in September, to which we invited the mothers of three year olds to attend. Mrs. Tinker- White, who co-ordinates the Cradle Roll at this Branch, addressed the congregation on the activities of the Cradle Roll and Mrs. Joey James, Superintendent of the Sunday School, urged the parents to send the three year olds to Sunday School. The MU maintains contact with the mothers of babies from baptism until the infants are three years old, when they should start attending Sunday school.

  • In February the group attended the Trinity Moravian Church and participated in the 48th Anniversary service of the Women's Fellowship groups.

  • Dr. Las Newman attended the meeting in June and spoke about some of the problems of young people in our society and indicated how as mothers we can make a collective effort to change things.

  • Shut-in members were visited throughout the year. Contact was maintained and whenever possible we celebrated birthdays with them. They were visited at Christmas and given a small treat.

  • Active members who became ill during the year were visited, monitored and assisted where necessary.

  • Fund-raising: During the year there was In-giving in September and a Bring and Buy sale. There was also a "Take-out Lunch" and a Cake sale. These activities helped to defray expenses.

  • Annual outing: On the 29th of July the group and visitors went to 'Font Hill Farms' in Westmoreland. This included two of the girls from the Girl's Home.

  • Obituaries: Two of our members - Miss Adlyn Brown and Mrs. Josephine Taylor -passed on during the year.

The Executive is appreciative to all the members of the Branch for their continued interest and support during the year.

Submitted by Daphne Whitely, Enrolling Member

Reception Committee

This group assists worshippers to prepare for a spiritually fulfilling worship experience. The members extend hospitality to visitors and provide worship material for use at Services. The group supports the publication of the Parishioner.

Activities for 2005 include a New Year Social, Cake and fruit sale, publication of the Parishioner, Reception for new members, Annual Retreat, Evening of Fellowship and Corporate Communion.

Projected Expenditure* $136,000
Projected Income $121,000

*Includes the Parishioner, replacement of hymn books, Reception of newly confirmed, contact with overseas members, etc.

Submitted November 4, 2004 by Myrna Brown

Senior Choir

Under the leadership of its new, dynamic and versatile director, Mr. Audley Davidson, the Senior Choir has continued to excel in 2004. New anthems, hymns and descants for most of the hymns are being sung each Sunday. The Choir continued to sing at special services for Confirmation, Easter, Harvest, Christmas, and funerals. The choristers are enthused with the new arrangements. A programme is being planned, in conjunction with the NDTC, in memory of the late Mr. Vincent James, former choir director. Although membership in the Choir continued to grow during the year and there is still room for new voices, especially in the bass line. It is unfortunate that the organists do not attend choir rehearsals regularly.

Submitted October 18, 2004 by Kay Thompson.

Servers' Guild

Membership. The Guild has a membership list of 20 servers with 13 on the roster. There were no new members in 2004.

Mission. The Guild functions to serve God by:

  • Helping to maintain efficiency and the smooth running of church services;

  • Assisting clergy at regular Eucharistic and special services;

  • Working alongside other church groups to enhance the congregation's worship experience by allowing them to 'offer to God a service of praise and glory along with appropriate beauty and pageantry';

  • Being leaders among the youth of our church, joining in other youth related activities and inviting others to join the Guild, thereby promoting understanding, use of, and pride in our Anglican heritage.

Challenges in 2004. Included: decline in attendance of servers at weekly church services and monthly servers' meetings, general disregard by servers for the monthly duty rosters and too few dedicated and active servers.

Activities in 2004 - included participation in Deanery Day activities in July. Steps taken to address the issue of the continuing decline in membership participation included a workshop led by Mr. George Briggs to look into the cause of the problem and possible solutions. Rev. McLean also held a special meeting with the servers to address this problem. He has promised to work closely with the Guild in the coming year.

Programme for 2005. Objectives include:

  1. To improve membership attendance at church including paying closer attention to the monthly roster.
  2. To improve membership participation in Guild activities - especially Servers' meetings. The servers have pledged to meet every second and fourth Sunday in every month for regular Bible study and rehearsal.
  3. To increase membership numbers.

Submitted October 31, 2004 by Minke Newman

Sunday School and Nursery

Mission - The Sunday School is committed to the mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This commitment will be fostered using available communication media to engage, encourage and challenge each individual to develop a personal, loving relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ the Saviour so that, filled with the Holy Spirit they may be enabled to live out their faith in community.

Introduction - In 2004 there was Sunday School during the 7.30 a.m. Service and at 4.00 p.m. In September it was decided to discontinue the Evening Sunday School as the numbers continued to decrease. The teachers and students have been encouraged to come in the morning. The 7.30am Sunday School offers a Nursery for children under 3 years old. Numbers decreased somewhat with a high of 127 in the morning compared to 143 in 2003 and in the evening between 11 and 22. At present there are 35 members of staff including: Superintendent - Joyce P. James; Nursery Supervisor - Joyce Brown; Morning Supervisor - Fay Duncan; Assistant - Trevor Blake; Secretary - Carole Willis; Treasurer - Hazel Thomas

Student Activities

  • The SAPC team placed third in the Area Council Bible Quiz in February.

  • Confirmation candidates were prayed for and presented with Bibles just before their Confirmation.

  • The students made Palm Crosses for the Church and its missions and a Children's service was held on Easter Day at which all classes presented items.

  • In May, Sunday School Month, Prize Giving was held, there was a display of work, and eligible staff members were commissioned. Sunday School Boy and Girl of the year were Michael McCarthy and Shadaa Muir. The Eric Morrison Shield for Excellence, in memory of our former verger, was presented to the RECORDER GROUP trained by Sasha Lumsden.

  • Diocesan Children's Sunday with the theme "Our Children and the World in which They Live" was celebrated on Sunday, May 2 at the 7.30am service. On Sunday, May 23, 45 of our students (compared to 28 last year) attended the Sunday School Festival and March of Witness at The Church of the Holy Spirit, Cumberland Road, Gregory Park.

  • On the second Saturday in July, several students, teachers and a few parents went to Serenity Park for the biennial outing.

  • Students processed (some in costume) and presented gifts at the Altar at the 9:45a.m. Harvest Service.

  • On the 1st Sunday in Advent students explaned the tradition of the Advent Wreath and Candles as part of the 9:45a.m. Family Eucharist. The candle was blessed by the Rector and then lit.

  • On Sunday, December 19, at the 7:30 a.m. Service the students presented a Christmas Pageant as part of their procession for blessing. They dressed in costumes depicting the Nativity. Other students made and carried placards with Christmas words such as 'Peace', 'Love' etc.

Staff Activities

  • Staff Christmas Social at the home of Dr. Lucien and Mrs. Vivienne Jones.

  • Staff skills continue to be upgraded with Retreats, Work Shops and Seminars.

  • February Workshop - Rev. Leon Golding presented the 1st Session - Sunday School Teaching Methods to Incorporate the Liturgy and the 2nd Session, Integration of Young People into the Life of the Church, was led by Miss Joan Reader.

  • May 8 - Some staff members attended a Diocesan Rally at St. Hilda's High School, which focused on the theme "Our Children and the World in Which They Live".

  • Rev. Edward Jennings led a Retreat in September - starting with the Eucharist celebrated by Rev. Cunningham - and addressing the topic, 'Serving God', sub topics, 'Seeing God in Every Situation' and 'Angels - Are They Still Active'.

Staff Movements

Patricia Parchment and Rosemarie Hawthorne went overseas. Katherine Williamson rejoined the staff to assist with Intermediate B. Evening staff members are helping in the Morning and it is hoped that some may assist at St. Thomas Mission. Since September, Carole Willis has joined Shirley Thomas and Elan Lumsden in teaching the High School Class as they usually number over 25. In the absence of Joyce Brown, Hazel Thomas acted as Nursery Supervisor with assistance from Sasha Lumsden and Milinda Thompson who temporarily shared the supervisory responsibilities.

Status of Projections for 2004

Two additional Library cupboards were acquired and there is need to increase both books and membership. The plan to involve students in leading the Worship has seen almost all the classes taking turns to lead on a 3rd Sunday where practical. The response has been positive. The plan to get the seniors to assist with the younger classes has met with some success and a number of students have been playing instruments to enhance the worship. The hope to produce more seasonal dramas has not been realized. Greater effort will be made to get the seniors more involved in the Church services for example in the choir and as servers.

Submitted October 22, 2004 by Joyce P. James, Sunday School Superintendent.

Women's Auxiliary

The number of active members is forty three following the addition of three new members during the year. Activities carried out during the period, in keeping with the motto of the organization - Work, Worship and Witness, and the overall Mission of St. Andrew Parish Church included:

  • Bishop's Day - January 6 presentation of $241,000 to the Diocesan Pastoral Aid Fund which is used at the Bishop's discretion to assist with the pension of retired clergy, financing the re-establishment of cures and general support for the growth and development of the Anglican Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

  • Two fund-raising events- Fish Fry and Jamaica Nite.

  • Quiet Day led by Fr. Everton Cunningham with a focus on Stewardship.

  • Working towards establishing a Mentoring Programme in collaboration with the Girl's Home. Two sensitization sessions held with members.

  • Financial and other support to the church's outreach programmes - St. Clements Mission, SA Care Centre, SAPC Home for Girls.

  • Contact with and visits to sick and shut-in members of the Women's Auxiliary and the wider church community.

  • Monthly meetings with special emphasis on devotion with specific themes.

  • Participation in Total Sunday School and the Congregational meeting.

  • Corporate worship on fifth Sundays.

  • Participation in activities of the Central Executive of the Auxiliary -

    • Support for function for the Bishop Gibson Home for the Aged;

    • Quiet Day - focus on Relationships;

    • Monthly meetings of the Executive.

  • Attendance at the Annual General Meeting of Church Women United.

Three members were awarded National Honours in October - Miss Kirby Clarke - Chairman; Mrs. Idell Grant - Treasurer and Mrs. Sonia Pottinger. Among our shut-ins are two members in their nineties - Mrs Orinthia Fender who celebrated the 98th anniversary of her birth on 1st April and Mrs. Irene Foster her 90th on the 22nd October.

Submitted by Kirby Clarke, Chairman

Women's Working Committee

The Women's Working Committee continued to play its part to fulfill the mission of the St. Andrew Parish Church. We wish to acknowledge the support which the membership has given to the Executive Committee. Mrs. Sylvia Sailsman continued to be responsible for internal relations and also assisted with Public Relations. Miss Kirby Clarke continued to chair the Scholarship Sub-Committee which also monitored the performance of the awardees. We acknowledge with thanks, the support of the spouses who continued to endorse the activities of the WWC.


  • Succeeded at "personal fund-raising" to finance the operating budget for the year. Special thanks go to those members who have already met or exceeded their target;

  • Continued to provide financial assistance from operating funds to awardees attending secondary schools;

  • Continued to build the "Scholarship Fund" to ensure its future;

  • Maintained funds for the Rector's Discretionary use;

  • Financed the air-conditioning of the master bedroom at the Curatage;

  • Provided financial and housekeeping support to various activities of the Church including the annual Congregational meeting, the Tuesday Charity and the Girls Home;

  • Maintained Christian fellowship by monthly participation as a group in the Holy Eucharist and pursued business objectives in bi-monthly meetings

Submitted by Mabel Marsh, Chairman

Young Adults Group

The activities of the Young Adults Group are summarized below:

  • Annual social at the start of the year - This was at the Curatage, and was a forum to meet young adults in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Discussion Meetings - Topical issues of interest to young adults were discussed at these meetings.

  • Beach Trip - Some members of the group, along with family members took time out for sun, fun, and fellowship at Frenchman's Cove, Portland

  • Visitation Programme - Labour Day

  • Young Adult Forum - Church Teachers College, Mandeville. The Education and Youth Department of the Diocese organised this forum to facilitate the development of Young Adults groups in the Diocese.

  • Adult Education Programme - St. Clements Mission. Young Adults volunteered their time and skills to the educational advancement of adults in the Kencot.

Submitted October 31, 2004 by Tamara Herdsman

Youth Choir

The Youth Choir, with an average membership of 15 persons, experienced a challenging 2004. During the year, the choir continued to contribute to the musical life of the church through its participation in Sunday and other special services, funerals and other events at the Parish Church and its missions, as well as in the wider Diocese. This included:

  • Assisting with worship and presentation of a skit on the Eucharist at the AGM of the National Council of Anglican Youth Fellowships;

  • Presentation of a skit on the Eucharist at a Youth retreat for The Church of the Reconciliation;

  • Participation in the installation service for the Rector of St Matthew's Anglican Church, Santa Cruz, in April;

  • Participation in the St APC Youth Retreat at the Church Hall in February;

  • Leading the worship during the CFFC's Youth Forum on Evangelism.

Following a proposal presented to the Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands by the choir in 2003, the choir commenced the first phase of the implementation of Anglican Lay Worship Initiative (ALWI). This involved the staging of two 3-day workshops on the use of the creative arts in worship in March and June of this year. A total of 59 persons representing 28 churches from the Kingston and Mandeville regions participated in the two workshops, in which participants received practical instruction in the use of music, dance, drama and art in worship. The curriculum also included specific sessions on the topic of Anglican liturgy and, in particular, the Eucharistic service.

The choir continued with the Church Instrumental Programme (CIP), aimed at providing instrumental skills to persons in Anglican and other churches. Two ten-week sessions and an intensive two-week summer programme have been run in 2004 in which an average of 22 persons from 10 churches have participated. The instrumental section of the choir continues to be developed. In particular, the Guitar Group has demonstrated much growth and has consistently participated in the 4th Sunday Family Eucharist and other special events.

Other initiatives include the utilization of a variety of mass settings in the weekly worship services throughout the year; completion of a studio recording of mass settings composed by Marcia Ashley/Elan Lumsden and the commencement of the planning for a Year A worship planner. In keeping with its focus on worship and ministry, the Choir continued regular bible study and prayer as a group and a number of choir members participated in a series of seminars on Intercessory Prayer.

The choir was involved in the following activities/events for 2004:

  • St. Andrew Parish Church's Annual Harvest Supper

  • St. Andrew Parish Church's 340th Anniversary Commemoration Service in December.

Planned activities for 2005:

  • Staging of the second phase of ALWI workshops and continuation of the CIP

  • Completion of the production of the Year A worship planner

  • Development of skills of choir through periodic teaching sessions on music, dance, drama

  • Additional work on laying tracks for the Youth Choir CD

Submitted by Marcia Ashley, Youth Choir Director

Special Committees

Christian Faith Formation Committee

CFFC was able to implement a significant number of activities during the year. The Committee may need to be somewhat more conservative in developing its programme, especially in light of the very busy schedule of activities on the church calendar. It must be recorded that the very important Christian foundation programme - the annual ALPHA Course - was held as planned, as were Bible Study sessions, Confirmation Classes, Fellowship Group sessions and other regular programmes of Christian faith formation. Within this context, activities sponsored by the Committee included:

  • A Youth Forum - to determine the needs and aspirations of the youth cohort in order to be able to respond effectively to these. A number of recommendations still need to be addressed;

  • Workshop Improving the Planning and Management of Outreach Programmes;

  • Focus on Outreach Programmes - special recognition during the designated months;

  • Workshop on the Effective Management of Parish Organisations - moving 'From Mission to Action', managing meetings, and interfacing effectively with the Church administration;

  • Workshop for the Servers Guild - Developing the Group;

  • Seminar on Youth Evangelism;

  • Organisation of Bookstalls - display/sale of Christian Literature/other materials on 4th Sundays;

  • Organisation of Health Outreach event;

  • Introduction of Total Sunday School.

The Living Issues series did not run as scheduled this year but other themes remain to be addressed, as are the challenges of the best day, time and venue. After two years of activity the Committee will conduct a full-scale evaluation of its performance, against the original strategic diagnosis and derived medium term programme, in order to chart its course for 2005. Expenses for this CFF programme relate mainly to refreshments at the various events - usually met from voluntary contributions from individuals or parish groups. An exception has been, so far, Total Sunday School, for which church support has been received. Resource requirement for 2005: $10,000 (5 x $2000)

Submitted November 4, 2004, by George Briggs, Chairman.

Property and Building Committee

SAPC properties

  • Church environs

    • Church building/Old Court House/Church Office

    • Cemetery/Columbarium/Car Park

    • PWD buildings/Caretakers Cottage

  • St. Andrew Care Centre

  • Ambrook Lane - Cottage #1/Cottage #2

  • Hagley Pk. Road

  • Ellesmere Road

    • Church Hall/Cottage #1/Cottage #2/Home for Girls

  • Moreton Park Cottages

  • #4 Hope Road

  • Rectory

The PB Committee met on a monthly basis during the year under review. Owing to lack of funds this Committee was unable to maintain the necessary momentum to fulfill its mandate for maintenance and upgrading of Parish properties. In addition to this, damage caused by Hurricane Ivan, although minimal, added a significant cost component to the work which is outstanding.

Much needed work was completed at St. Clement's Mission. The drainage problem at the Girls'Home was addressed. Work outstanding includes - Church - painting, installation of new carpets, installation of air-conditioning in the interest of preservation of the organ, roof replacement; Cemetery - extension, raising the wall in the interest of security, landscaping; Church office - Repairs to roof, walls and flooring; Old Court House - repair and painting; Rectory - bathroom renovation; Annex(PWD building) - upgrading; Church yard - security gate.

Church Hall

Proceeds from the Fathers' Day Brunch have been used to continue with restoration and maintenance of the Hall. This is still inadequate to meet the total expenses required for proper maintenance. Urgent work required for 2005 includes repairs to the roof (over $200,000), caretaker's cottage extension (over $200,000) as well as some minor changes to the kitchen. The Hall can be used for Church and other Meetings to provide much needed income. Members are invited to assist by promoting rental of the building to outside groups. Rental costs are available from the Church Office.
Submitted by Tiny Goldson, Chairman - Church Hall Committee

Cemetery Committee

The volume of work required has been hampered by a lack of funds. Landscaping work has been in progress but there have been some challenges caused by Hurricane Ivan. Trees had fallen causing damage especially to the railings around the Columbarium. Ongoing maintenance is proceeding but consideration should be given to the employment of a person experienced in garden maintenance who will be responsible for the area around the Church as well as the larger cemetery.

Special projects include:

  • Control/eradication of the coralila vine - a chemical has been identified which appears to achieve control and hopefully eradication. Further, it does not affect the grasses so that these should be able to re-establish themselves and be easier to manage.

  • Repair to the gate on the northeastern boundary at a cost of some $70,000

  • Repair to the walkways which have deteriorated over the years. These measure some 7,000´ of which 2/3rds have to be re-laid and the remaining 1/3rd repaired.

  • Debris removal - This has accumulated as a result of vault construction. This should be removed on a phased basis during 2005.

  • Extension to the northeastern wall - postponed to 2005. This should reduce the amount of rubbish thrown over the wall by passers-by and minimize human traffic through the cemetery.

  • Additional landscaping - This will follow the other programmes.

  • Extension to the Cemetery - plans, estimates and specification are in progress.

Submitted November 6, 2004 by Lloyd Facey

Youth Committee

Background - The Committee is comprised of members of the various youth groups in the church. These include Sunday School, Youth Fellowship, Youth Choir, Young Adults group, St. Clement's Mission, Server's Guild, Little Brothers of St. Andrew, the St. Andrew Parish Church Home for Girls and the St. Andrew Deanery Youth Council. Efforts are being made to include a representative from the St. Andrew Settlement. Through the committee the various concerns of each group are addressed. In addition to activities in the individual groups, the committee is united in activities planned and coordinated as one body. The main objective for the year is to build youth leadership.

Activities - The main activities include:

  • Meetings as needed to update the Committee on the happenings in each group. Concerns are aired; suggestions and assistance are given in this forum.

  • Youth Forum on "Youth Evangelism", in collaboration with the Christian Faith Formation Committee. From this forum, a report was generated outlining recommendations by the young people of the church.

  • Youth Service on a fourth Sunday at 9:45 am.

  • Some of the Labour Day projects were coordinated through the Committee, such as the cemetery records and church history projects.

  • Prayer meeting. A meeting where the committee prays together for the young people in the church, the youth groups, and the leaders of the groups.

Submitted by Dr. Nigel Elliott - Chairman and Tamara Herdsman

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Summary of Receipts and Payments
Year ended December 31, 2004






Deficit on operations






Surplus/Deficit on Capital & Special Projects


Surplus/Deficit At 31/12/04


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Ecclesiastical Report - Year 2004

  • Membership - 3,000

  • Members on electoral roll - 1500

  • Overseas members - It is difficult to determine the numbers of persons who can be referred to as overseas members. However several members maintain regular contact, send donations and visit when in the island. The Reception Committee sends copies of the Parishioner to a number of these persons.

  • Baptisms Adults - 7 Children - 12

  • Confirmed Adults - 12 Juniors - 21

  • Sunday Schools - Registered - about 170; Maximum attendance - 127

  • Communion to the Sick - 261

  • Shut-ins - about 107

  • Marriages - 5

  • Burials - 80 (of these 31 were interred in the columbarium)

  • Tuesday Charity (registered) - 107


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St. Andrew Parish Church - Calendar 2005

Ash Wednesday February 9
Lenten Devotions February 17 - March 17
Youth Retreat February 11 - 12
Adult Retreat February 18 - 20
St. Andrew Settlement
(Focus month)
Palm Sunday March 20
Confirmation March 20
Good Friday March 25
Easter Day March 27
Diocesan Synod March 29 - April 1
340th Commemoration
Choral / Floral Festival
April 16-17
Alpha April 13 - June 22
SAPC Home for Girls
(Focus month)
Healing Conference May 27 - 29
340th Commemoration Dinner June 10
St. Andrew Deanery Day July 10
Moreton Park
(Focus month)
Adult Confirmation Classes begin September 14
Junior Confirmation Classes begin September 16
St. Andrew Care Centre
(Focus month)
Harvest Thanksgiving October 23
Annual Business Retreat November 5
Annual Supper November 18
St. Andrew's Day November 30
Patronal Festival December 4
Gift Day December 20
Christmas Day December 25

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St. Andrew Parish Church - Vision and Mission

The Vision Statement

A church reconciled to God, aware of its identity and healing the community through the proclamation of the Good News of the Gospel of Christ.

The Mission statement

The mission of the St. Andrew Parish Church is to proclaim the good news and inspire the parish family to unity with God and one another

  • By ensuring that the church establishes programs to maintain, engage and expand membership

  • By identifying and mobilizing the human and financial resources available to the church.

  • By responding to human needs as we work for the transformation of unjust structures and the preservation of the integrity of the created order.

  • By presenting the Biblical tithe as the standard of Christian giving and the shaping of programmes of ministry that express the stewardship of God's creation.

  • By immersing our members in and expanding the knowledge of Christian identity in the context of our cultural experience and the obligations they impose.


Committee Chairperson
Moreton Park Cottages Mrs. Karlene Gordon
SAPC Home for Girls Miss Sonya Hamilton
St. Andrew Care Centre Mr. Alvaro Casserly
St. Andrew Settlement Mr. Rex James
St. Clement's Mrs. Sybil Thompson
Christian Faith Formation Committee Mr. George Briggs
Discernment Committee Mr. George Briggs
Finance Committee Mr. Mike Fennell
Property and Building Dr. Vincent Lawrence
Supper Committee Mr. Frank Williams
Youth Committee Dr. Nigel Elliott

Parish Groups

Parish Group Meets Time Venue
Alpha (11 weeks) 2 weeks after Easter 5:30 p.m. Church Hall
Altar Guild Quarterly (Saturdays) 4:00 p.m. Church Office
BSA 4th Saturdays 10:00 a.m. Church Hall
Fellowship Groups Irregular   Various
Friends of the Sunday School Irregular    
Grief Support Group Wednesdays 5:30 p.m. Church Office
Little Brothers Saturdays 11:00 a.m. SA Care Centre
Mothers' Union Last Tuesdays 4:00 p.m. Church Office
Reception Committee Last Wednesdays 5:30 p.m. Church Office
Sunday School Weekly (except August)    
Senior Choir Thursdays 5:30 p.m. Church
Servers Guild 4th Saturdays 2:00 p.m. Church Office
St. Clement's 2nd Thursdays 6:00 p.m. Church Office
Women's Auxiliary First Wednesdays 4:30 p.m. Church Office
Womens' Working Committee Third Sundays 9:45 a.m. Irregular
Young Adults 1st and 3rd Fridays 5:30 p.m. OC House
Youth Choir Saturday 2 - 4 p.m. Church
Anglican Youth Fellowship Saturday 4:00 p.m. OC House


Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying , "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" And I said", "Here am I; send me!' Isaiah 6:8

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