Annual Report For The Year 2003

Table of Contents

Church Staff & Committee
Church Committee Report
Mission and Outreach
Church Groups
Ecclesiastical Report
Church Calendar - 2004
Church Vision & Mission

Church Staff
Curate in Charge
Assistant Curate
Hon. Clergy

Admin. Officer
Rector's Sec.

Asst. Verger

Rev. Canon Robert Thompson (on leave)
Rev. Fr. Everton Cunningham
Rev. Robert McLean
Rev. Dr. David Kuck
Rev. Canon Ewart Gordon
Mrs. Elsie Aarons
Miss Lynnette Mightly
Miss Mona Munro - to end Feb.
Mrs. Grace Geohagen - March +
Mr. Vernon Miranda
Miss Ann Morrison
Miss Racquel Jones - end Jan.
Miss Nicole Reid - Feb. +
Church Committee - 2003

Mr. Alvaro Casserly - Member, Incorporated Lay Body
Dr. Vincent Lawrence - Rector's Warden
Mr. Mike Fennell - Member, Incorporated Lay Body, Chairman, Diocesan Finance Committee.

Lay Representatives to Synod
Mrs. Marie Isaacs
Miss Yolande Whitely

Other members
Mr. Neville Baker - Peoples' Warden
Mr. Trevor Blake
Mr. George Briggs
Dr. Nigel Elliott
Mr. Douglas Folkes
Mr. Lloyd Gooden
Mrs. Marva Greig - Rep. to Deanery Council
Miss Sonya Hamilton
Mr. Rex James
Dr. Lucien Jones
Mr. Afeef Lazarus
Mrs. Jacqueline Mighty
Miss Elan Lumsden - Youth Rep. St. A. Deanery Council
Mrs. Jennifer Goodison - Recording Sec.

Ancillary Staff
Mr. Elva Witter
Mr. Linton Smith
Miss Beverly Burrell
Miss Sherene Gordon
Mr. Everton Williams
Parish Office
Half Way Tree
Kingston 10
Tel. 926-6692, 968-9366
Fax. 960-8463

14 Ottawa Avenue, Kingston 6

16 Ellesmere Road
Tel. 926-0800

Assistant Curate's residence
St. Peter's Court, B-16
Tel. 754-0015

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Report From The Church Committee For The Year 2003

The year began with the Annual Congregational Meeting held on January 26, 2003 under the Chairmanship of the Curate in Charge - Rev. Fr. Everton Cunningham. Year 2003 was yet another challenging year for this Parish. The Church Committee along with the other Committees and Parish Groups worked to further the ministry of the Church. The clergy are deeply grateful for the support and assistance given by the congregation in so many areas of endeavor. Special appreciation is extended to those who gave generously in time, money, prayers and personal care and who have worked to achieve various objectives.

During this year, the Rector pursued doctoral studies at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He is expected to return later in 2004. Despite the additional pressure of intense studies he was able to return for brief visits at Easter, summer and Christmas at which times he participated in the worship life of the Church. He was accompanied by his wife, Charmaine. Their sons, Matthew and Joseph, are also pursuing further studies overseas. We shall continue to uphold them in our prayers. Additional clergy assistance is being provided by Rev. Canon Ewart Gordon on third Sundays.

We are indeed grateful to:

  • Rev. Fr. Everton Cunningham and his wife Kadean who have worked assiduously in directing and leading the ministry of the Parish Church during the absence of the Rector.

  • Sister Doris Levien, who although retired from this Church, continues to assist with Bible study and with Services on Sundays. She maintains contact with those of our members whom she meets at the UWI hospital.

  • Rev. Dr. David Kuck for his pastoral assistance and participation in our worship Services. His wife, Mrs. Mary Kuck, has made a valuable contribution with the Sunday School at St. Thomas Mission.

  • Mrs. Elizabeth Riley - 2nd Year student of the United Theological College, UWI, who was assigned to this Parish in September.

  • Dr. Vincent Lawrence and Mr. Neville Baker - the two Wardens - for their guidance during the year.

  • Mrs. Elsie Aarons, Administrative Officer, for her invaluable support.

  • Miss Lynette Mightly, who continues to work part-time providing secretarial assistance and performing special duties in the Church Office;

  • Mrs. Gracie Geohagen, part time accountant, for her contribution in this area of work and Mrs. Elesia Blackburn, Mrs. Linette Allen and Mr. Junior Graham who assist with the accounting process;

  • Mr. Orlando Strudwick - Property Manager - for his active attention to our properties.

  • The Vergers - Mr. Vernon Miranda - Verger, Miss Ann Morrison - Assistant Verger. Ann Morrison continues her work in the Church Office assisting with scheduling sick visits and managing the Tuesday Charity programme among other activities;

  • The Ancilliary staff - Mr. Elva "Dean" Witter (Office Attendant), and Mr. Linton Smith (Caretaker - Church Hall), Miss Beverly Burrell and Miss Sherene Gordon (Cleaners) and Mr. Everton Williams - Church Caretaker

I also wish to express thanks to:

  • The Organists - Mr. Paul Bicknell, Mrs. June Spence, Mrs. Jacqueline Wright-James and Mr. Donald Hossack; the pianist - Mr. Stephen Shar-Naar.

  • The Choir Directors -Mr. Audley Davidson who joined us during the year as Director of the Senior Choir; Mrs. Marcia Ashley and Miss Yvonne Sterrett and the Choirs who have contributed to the vibrancy of our worship.

  • Mrs. Jennifer Goodison - Recording Secretary to the Church Committee.

  • The many Organisations and Groups whose members give so freely of their time and continue to provide their services for the corporate good of the Church.


SAPC welcomed:

  • Rev. Fr. Ben Whitmore who spent his three-month Sabbatical with us (January-March) and worked in all areas of our Parish ministry.
  • Rev. Robert Anthony McLean who joined us on December 15 at Assistant Curate.
  • Mrs. Gracie Geohagen as Part-time Accountant.

We are grateful for the contribution of Miss Gem Munro - who had been Part-time Accountant for ten years - and who retired at the end of February.


  • To those who have had additions to their families
  • To those who have received national awards and other special recognition.


  • To all those who lost loved ones during the year.
  • This year we were saddened by the tragic passing of our Verger Emeritus - Mr. Eric Morrison and our Choirmaster Mr. Vincent James, who had been ill for some time.


The spiritual life of the Church is its reason for being and this, as the purpose of our existence, receives major focus.

  • Rev. Br. Anthony Michael of Hillcrest Diocesan Retreat Centre led Ash Wednesday devotions. Lenten Studies were guided by the theme "The Church is the Body of Christ"

  • St. Andrew Parish Church participated with Holy Cross Church and hosted the Annual Marian Service on January 22. The Most Rev. Edgerton Clarke D.D., Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kingston, gave the address.

  • A Youth Retreat was held March 7-8 and led by Rev. Fr. Ben Whitmore.

  • An Adult Retreat was held March 21-23 at Hillcrest Retreat Center in Brown's Town and led by Rev. Br. Anthony Michael.

  • The fourth Alpha Training Programme was held May 7 - July 16, 2003.

  • St. Andrew Deanery Day was hosted by this Church at the Church Hall , Ellesmere Road.

  • Special Services - Harvest Thanksgiving with guest Very Rev. Fr. Charles Manderson and Patronal Festival with guest Rev. Fr. Richard Johnson - were celebrated.

  • St. Andrew Parish Church was the venue for an Ordination held on November 30, 2003 at which time 4 persons were ordained to the diaconate.

  • St. Andrew Parish Church maintains and updates its website weekly - -. This gives information about the Church and its programmes and also carries the weekly Bulletin and the Parishioner.

  • This Church participates in the activities of the Half Way Tree Ministers Fellowship which promotes the midday Reflections on Wednesdays at noon.

  • Ministry to the sick and physically challenged was enhanced by the initiation of a visitation programme designed to involve all Parish groups. This has been successful and particularly rewarding to those involved in this area of Christian ministry.

  • The 50th Anniversary of the Church Hall was commemorated on Monday, December 8, 2003.

  • In December, a small Discernment Committee was established. This is to help nurture vocations within the congregation and to identify and support those who feel called to special ministries within the Church.

  • An Anniversary Committee, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Alvaro Casserly, is working to plan the 340th Anniversary celebrations of this Church. These activities will begin with the Patronal Festival on December 5, 2004.

  • The Annual Business Retreat was held in November and a detailed report was presented in the December issue of the Parishioner.

  • Repairs were done to the organ in November and there is more work to be done in May 2004. This is a costly exercise but nothing on this scale has been attempted for some 20 years and is long overdue.

We are grateful to all who have submitted reports of Outreach and Group activities for the year 2003. These had to be edited for inclusion in this document. Originals, in their entirety, will be tabled at the Annual Congregational Meeting and are available on request for perusal in the Church Office. Our Outreach Groups have expressed the need for special skills such as counselors and interested persons to minister to the needs of the young, the elderly and those who may be physically or emotionally challenged. The Parish Groups need additional members and anyone who is not a member of any of these groups is invited to call the Church Office for referral.

St. Andrew Parish Church has, with God's help, come through another year of challenging activities. We give thanks for everything we have been able to achieve and look forward to God's guidance with the mission and work to be accomplished in the year ahead.

Rev. Fr. Everton Cunningham
Curate-in Charge

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Reports - Mission and Outreach

St. Andrew Parish Church Home for Girls

Purpose - to ensure that operations of the Home for Girls are organized and managed in such a manner that the health, education, spiritual needs and social well-being of each girl are addressed.

Girls in residence - 19

Spiritual needs - The girls must attend church and by extension the Sunday school. They will also join other groups as their comfort levels increase and at most times it is dependent on how they are treated and/or encouraged by the younger persons in the congregation. The girls and staff hold devotions every evening before bedtime.

Social needs - The majority of our client population, as a result of highly dysfunctional family situations, has suffered from traumatic stress and require post-traumatic treatment. Primary causes result from physical, emotional, mental and sexual abuse, as well as neglect. Community response to the needs of the Home could be much better.


  • Funding,
  • Being able to afford qualified, professional counselors to assist girls to manage their particular personal situations.
  • To encourage members of the congregation to become Foster Parents or Adoptive Parents.
  • To encourage the congregation to support the idea of weekend family life immersion/inclusion
  • To encourage involvement through mentoring.
  • Strengthening of and involvement in a programme of meaningful spiritual renewal could help to make behaviour modification a sustained process at the home.
  • To attract members of the community to serve even if not as members of the managing committee.

Plans/activities for 2004

The budget for 2004 shows Income as $2,073,500. Expenditure is estimated at $2,031,882 a surplus of $41,618.00.

  • Two fund-raising activities are planned - Tea Party - May 22, 2004; NDTC performance - August .
  • To introduce a remedial reading programme aimed at increasing fluency, vocabulary development and comprehension skills. $374,000 p. a. The programme would offer 8 hours per week @ $900 per hour with each girl receiving four hours of remediation per week.
  • Addition of kitchenettes for the Housemother and House keeper's cottage
  • Employment of a trained Social Worker for guidance counseling/remedial teaching


St. Andrew Care Centre

Project mission - The mission of SACC is to rehabilitate and prepare annually an estimated 50 "street and at-risk" boys for integration into the society in order for them to become productive citizens.

Overview - The St. Andrew Care Centre (SACC) is a principal component of the Possibility Programme which is being coordinated through the Project Management Implementation Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister. The Possibility Programme seeks to address the needs of children and youth in a three dimensional approach, through the Care Centre, the Skills/Employment Centre and Behavioural Modification Camps. The Care Centre serves as an intake, assessment and referral centre, and has been in operation since December 2001.

Governance - SACC is governed by a Board of Management having direct responsibility for the Centre and its operations. Chairman of the Board of Management is Mr. Alvaro Casserly and the Manager is Miss Natalie Gentles. Professional volunteers assist in various aspects of the programme.

Project Implementation

  • Since December 2001, the Care Centre has registered over188 at-risk boys who work and/or live on the streets of the city. On an average, between 14 and 18 boys attend the Care Centre on a daily basis.
  • Small adjustments in the attitude, deportment, self-presentation and behaviour of some of the boys, are seen as tremendous achievements.
  • Two field trips were arranged during 2003. Some boys were taken on an excursion to the Norman Manley International Airport and then to Port Royal. Some were taken to the Sligoville Heritage Park.
  • Boys have played football (as a team) with a team from the Ambrook Lane community.
  • After many months of effort, 17 of 39 active school-aged boys have been placed in schools.
  • With assistance from LEAP Centre, 13 boys were assessed in word recognition, reading and comprehension.
  • So far, 10 boys have undergone psychological assessment.

The Little Brothers of St. Andrew continues the Saturday programme for boys at the Care Centre.

Programme - 2004 The programme of activities for the Care Centre in 2004 reflects continuation and expansion. Remedial Education, Parent Fora, Sports Events, Staff Training, Birthday Club. Behaviour Modification Camp.Field trips, Christmas Social and Dinner.

Budget / Finances - 2004 The Care Centre's Budget for 2004 shows receipts of $4.4 million and expenses of $4.2 million. St. Andrew Care Centre receives through the Possibility Programme funding for about 90% of the staff costs. The remainder and the funds for operations have to be raised by the Centre.


Moreton Park Cottages

The Committee continued to offer care and assistance to the seven residents at the premises and struggle with the direction of the operation of the facility. Of the seven ladies in residence at the Cottages one makes a voluntary contribution to her stay there. The Committee has tried unsuccessfully with the others to begin contributing. Mrs. Stephenson, Caretaker, continues her regular duties and her sons assist with the grounds. The Committee hosted a Christmas treat with gifts for all residents. The Committee continues to receive donations of cash, food and clothing for the residents.

Plans for 2004

At this time the Committee is soliciting estimates to fence the property. The front wall and gate are to be replaced and the sides will get chain-link fences. A gift from the Lion's Club of New Kingston will go towards material to erect one of the side fences. Determining the direction of the operation of the facility has been a major challenge for the Committee in 2003. A workshop took place on January 12, 2004 and three possible alternative uses for the facility were identified. The Committee will continue the work at Moreton Park Cottages until a viable solution to the present situation is accomplished.


St. Clement's Mission

Vision / Mission - To assist the people of Kencot on their journey towards spiritual upliftment and economic independence by helping to develop their human resources.

Mission achievement in 2003


  • Weekly Sunday School continued, with average attendance of 28, with the number on roll growing to 53. Bible study continues on Mondays at 7:30 p.m. Confirmation classes are in progress. A musical development programme was started with young members of the church community to provide worship music.
  • In September 4th Sunday services were extended to every Sunday evening. Attendance is growing, with as many as 40 on special occasions. Management committee members share in the ministry of the services, while rosters, preachers and musicians are assigned under guidance from the Curate-in-charge.
  • Patronal Festival and Harvest were held on St. Clement's Day, Sunday, November 23, at which time visiting clergy were Rev. Fr. Garth Minott -Anglican Warden at UTCWI, and Rev. Jim Parkes.

Community Development - A Homework project and an Adult Education project were started in 2003 by the Young Adults Group of SAPC. A two-week Youth Summer Camp was conducted in August for children of the community.

Programme for 2004


  • Collaborate with the community in developing the spiritual programmes currently in place and introduce new ones, where feasible, under the guidance of the clergy.
  • Reactivation of the Youth Fellowship under the leadership of Mr. Colin Dailey.
  • Renovation and furnishing of the Mission House.

Community Development

  • Continue current programmes.
  • Conduct the following courses to increase employment opportunities in the community: Dining room (all graduates of the previous course are fully employed) Book-binding, (Refurbish second trailer, install chairs and) Barbering.


St. Andrew Settlement, Majesty Gardens

Introduction - The St. Andrew Settlement (SAS) continues to provide social services to the community of Majesty Gardens and surrounding areas. The presence of the settlement in the community does much to alleviate the escalation of violence and unrest. This year, it was very difficult to raise the necessary operational funding for the programme, especially for administrative expenses and routine maintenance.

Administration - Based on a feasibility study, it was decided that the Day Care facility should be closed. The area will be used for the expansion of the Basic School.

Majesty Gardens - A major problem has been that of power fluctuation in electricity supply to the community. This resulted in six fires and the dislocation of approximately 48 families to whom assistance was given by Food for the Poor and the Member of Parliament. A study is being done by the Jamaica Public Service Company to see how best power can be provided for the community. SAS continues to work with the several organizations in the area.
Special Events included the Dedication of Community Centre in honour of John Martin Levy; relocation and refurbishing of the Basic School; painting of the Health Centre by members of the St. James Episcopal Church USA; Basic School Sports Day.

Basic School - Enrolment of 58 pupils (32 boys, 26 girls) and 3 teachers. During the year Remeikei Wray, 5 years old, was awarded the Model Student Award for Kingston and St. Andrew by the National Child Month Committee. Monthly workshops are held for the teachers organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture. A breakfast programme is in place but needs assistance.

Mission House - The long-term vision is to have a vibrant Christian mission and to transform the community through spiritual development. With the appointment of the Assistant Curate it is expected that additional assistance will be given in this area.

Library - The Majesty Gardens Branch Library is a subsidiary of the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Library. Junior readers form the bulk of the membership and consequently the junior collection is used more frequently than the adult books. Students doing research for school assignments consult the reference books, particularly the encyclopedias.

Health Centre - The staff includes a practical nurse, a community health aid, a registered midwife and an auxiliary worker. Clinics are held Monday to Friday.
During the year the Clinic saw 362 ante-natal cases, a decrease of 36%.

Child Health Clinic - 803 children were seen, an increase of 1.25%

Post Natal Clinic - 95 clients, a decrease of 45%

Family Planning Clinic - 874 clients, an increase of 8%

Doctors Visits - 735 patients, a decrease of 1.5%

Dressings - 209 patients, a decrease of 8.7%

Community Visits - An increase.

Senior Day Care - Numbers of participants are on the increase. Despite a variety of illnesses, they continued to receive awards in sports, art and craft and culinary arts from the National Council for the Aged.

Fundraising - There was a shortfall in our fundraising but the Settlement was able to raise a record $340,000.00 profit from the Easter bun project.


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Reports - Mission and Spirituality - Church Groups

Altar Guild

Mission Statement - The Altar Guild is responsible for the fabric and physical preparation of the Church for worship. Work includes preparation of the linen used at the Eucharist, cleaning the brass and sacred vessels and mounting floral décor. In 2003 the Guild carried out responsibilities as required by the Mission statement. Guild members participated in special Parish events and activities as necessary.

Group structure- The last Election of Officers was held on March 15, 2003.

Current members - 54 New members - 4

Activities for 2003

Vessels at Bishop's Lodge - These were repaired and refurbished at the request of the Bishop.

Cleaning and workdays - The Guild revived the workday activity and there were three workdays during the year. Members of the Congregation were invited to participate .

Landscaping - A proposal was prepared in connection with improving the appearance of the car park area. This would include the use of plants capable of withstanding drought and stray animals. The Guild will work closely with the Property Committee on this project.

Fundraising - The Guild sponsored a performance of "Mama I want to sing" and this brought in a sum of $74,000. A standard charge for work in connection with funerals, weddings and thanksgiving arrangements was determined.

Altar Linen - New linen is required to supplement items withdrawn. Gifts of purificators (linen for wiping the chalice during the administration of Holy Communion) were gratefully received.

Vestry upgrade - Work to upgrade the Verger's Vestry and to make this room more in keeping with its multifunctional use was completed in November at a cost to the Guild of some $49,000. Unsightly fixtures and cupboards were removed. A broom holder, cupboards with counter and a heavy-duty sink were installed and the walls painted.

Special activities included decoration of the Church Hall for Deanery Day 2003 and participation in Flower Festivals at other Corporate area churches.

2004 Programme will include -Preparation/floral décor of the Church - weekly; Landscaping of the car park; Workdays to clean the Church; Participation in special events within the Deanery/Diocese - by invitation; Preparation/acquisition of Altar linen as necessary; Fundraising event - September; Flower Festival - December 4-6 (Patronal Festival).



The Alpha Course is a 10-week, practical introduction to the Christian Faith, which includes a Retreat focusing on the Holy Spirit. The fourth Alpha Training Programme for SAPC was held May 7 - July 16, 2003 with some 70 participants. SAPC Alpha team has assisted the Department of Christian Education (Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands) with the successful launching of the Alpha programme in other Cures.


Bible Study Group

Bible Stufy Group meets with the objective of studying the Bible more closely and providing members with support in dealing with personal challenges. At the start of each year the group provides and distributes about 30 lunches to street people in the Half Way Tree area and environs.


Brotherhood of St. Andrew

This is a Diocesan organization whose objective is to spread the Word of Christ's Kingdom among young men in particular.


Fellowship Groups

The purpose is to study the Bible together, to pray and share with each other, so as to deepen faith and encourage each other in the Christian journey. The Groups have continued to meet regularly throughout the year.

Activities included Corporate Communion on the first Sunday in Lent, an Annual Retreat at the United Theological College in March, the annual Social in December. The Groups have continued to take the Evening Service on the third Sunday of most months, and a combined Group Service in November.
2004 activities will continue in addition to - Retreat on Saturday March 20; Social on Saturday, December 4.

Number of members -100. Two new Fellowship groups have been formed during 2003.


Friends of the Sunday School

Group Mission - The "Friends" is an Association whose main aim is to assist the Sunday Schools in providing for the Christian, social, academic and emotional development of the children. It represents the PTA of the Sunday Schools of St Andrew's, St Clement's (Kencot) and St Thomas Mission (Majesty Gardens).
The Association also provides financial assistance for the Sunday Schools. A decision was taken in 2003 that the Association would endeavor to cover the majority of the financial needs of the three Sunday Schools.


  • April 6, 2003 -Presentation of Bibles to members of the Confirmation class
  • May 2003 -Provision of prizes for the annual prize-giving ceremony
  • July 12, 2003 -Sunday School Fun Day at the Church Hall
  • October 11, 2003 -PTA Social at the Old Court House
  • February 21, 2004 -Evening of Elegance
  • March 14, 2004 -Corporate Communion
  • April 18, 2004 -Annual General Meeting

In addition, the Association has also assisted in other areas, viz.:

  • Sending seven children from St. Clement's and St. Thomas Missions to Summer Camps
  • Donating funds to the Church Hall Committee for painting the Hall
  • Donating funds to the Parish Church
  • Supporting various fund-raising events undertaken by St Clement's.
  • Refurbished a cupboard for the Sunday School's library.
  • Funded the Annual Sunday School Teachers' Retreat on Saturday, September 6, 2003
  • Provided breakfast for the visiting Kingston & St. Andrew Sunday School Area Council.

The Friends have given a commitment to fund repairs to the piano used by the Sunday School at St Andrew Parish Church, as well as painting the downstairs section of the Old Court House.

Membership - The last annual general meeting was held on Sunday 6 April 2003. Membership fluctuates but financial assistance is forthcoming. Core membership - about 45 persons. 2003-2004 - 2 new members.


Grief Support Group

- is dedicated to helping ease the stress of the loss of a loved one.


Little Brothers of St. Andrew

- carries the Church's Ministry to the boys who frequent the street in the Half Way Tree area. The programme evolved into the St. Andrew Care Centre - for which there is a separate report. Work on Saturdays continues with the younger boys.


Mothers' Union

Membership - 59 including shut-ins. New members -4

Special activities - Annual General Meeting held at Kendal Conference Centre in Mandeville on March 2; Lady Day Service held at St. Margaret's Church on March 25; Visit to the Wortley Home on Mothering Sunday March 30; Members of the Branch attended all Deanery meetings held during the year; Regional meeting held at St. Matthew's Church in Allman Town on Sunday July 20; St. Andrew Deanery Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, June 7; Fundraising ventures.

Outreach - Members visited the SAPC Girls Home on a quarterly basis. One of the girls is sponsored at the Summer Workshop. The MU assisted with school expenses for the children of one of the members and also medical expenses for another.

Blood Pressure Clinic continues to operate at the Church, on 3rd Mondays at 4 p.m.

Cradle Roll activities continue as members of the MU attend Baptismal preparation classes with the priest and the parents and god-parents of babies to be baptized as well as the Baptismal Service. The MU participated in the family service on the 4th Sunday in September.

Guest speakers - Dr. Denise Eldemire- Shearer (June) spoke on "Managing our Illness" She also spoke on the importance of making a Will. Mrs. Sharon Hall, from the Jamaica Cancer Society, (October) spoke on the importance of early detection and treatment of breast cancer, cancer of the cervix and prostate cancer.


Reception Committee

- assists worshippers to prepare for a spiritually fulfilling worship experience. The members extend hospitality to visitors and provide worship material for use at Services. This group supports the publication of the Parishioner.


Senior Choir

- This group assists with worship on a regular basis. A new Choir Director was appointed in 2003 and some new persons have joined the group.


Servers Guild

Mission - The Guild functions to serve God by:

  • Helping to maintain efficiency and the smooth running of church services
  • Assisting clergy at regular Eucharistic and special services.
  • Working alongside other church groups to enhance the congregation's worship experience by allowing them to 'offer to God a service of praise and glory along with appropriate beauty and pageantry'.
  • Being leaders among the youth of our church, joining in other youth related activities and inviting others to join the Guild, thereby promoting understanding, use of, and pride in our Anglican heritage.

Activities in 2003 - included regular meetings, rehearsals and participation in special services such as Training of new Servers; Deanery Day; Participation in the Ordination on November 30; Christmas Tree Decoration and Contribution to and participation in the Little Brothers of St. Andrew Christmas Social at the St. Andrew Care Centre.

Programme for 2004 - To seek deeper relationships with God and increased fellowship among members; to promote the activities of the Servers' Guild and to increase our membership by inviting other members of the congregation to join; to reach out to the wider community and promote the Gospel of Christ by working alongside other church groups and outreach programmes.

Membership - Current active membership - 13 In training - 4 (New 2003 members = 4)


Sunday School and Nursery

Mission - The Sunday School is committed to the mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This commitment will be fostered using available communication media to engage, encourage and challenge each individual to develop a personal, loving relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ the Saviour so that, filled with the Holy Spirit they may be enabled to live out their faith in community.

Introduction - Sunday School classes took place during the 7.30am Service and at 4.00pm. The 7.30am Sunday School offers a Nursery for children under 3 years old.

Attendance highs - 143, morning (May 4) and - 25 evening (May 18). Staff - 40 (end 03)

Student Activities - SAPC team received the "Most Disciplined Team" trophy in the Area Council Bible Quiz in February; Confirmation candidates were presented with Bibles prior to their Confirmation; The students made Palm Crosses for the Church and its Missions and a Children's service was held on Easter Day at which all classes presented items. In May, Sunday School Month, Prize Giving was held, there was a display of work, and eligible staff members were commissioned. Sunday School Boy and Girl of the year were Douglas Evelyn (Evening SS) and Noelle Gayle (Morning SS). A new trophy, the Eric Morrison Shield in memory of our former verger, given for group or individual excellence was presented to Jason Ewer. Diocesan Children's Sunday with the theme "Placing our children's lives in God's hands", was held on Sunday, May 25 at the 9.45am service and 28 of our students later attended the Sunday School Festival and March of Witness at St. Philip's Church. A Fun Day was held at the Old Court House in July. Some students dressed in costume and presented their gifts at the altar for Harvest. For the first time the blessing of the Advent Wreath and the lighting of the first Advent candle took place at the beginning of our Patronal Service with students giving the explanations and lighting the candle. The Patronal Service was followed by refreshments and a games period which the youngsters enjoyed. The Christmas drama, "And the Angels Watched" replaced the sermon at the 9:45a.m. service on Christmas Sunday. It was also presented at the Care Centre during the Christmas season.

Staff Activities - Staff skills continue to be upgraded with Retreats, Work Shops and Seminars. Topics covered included "Help for Parents - 'Behavioral Patterns in Children - Challenges and Opportunities'. Diocesan Workshop on Curriculum, HIV-AIDS, Technology in Teaching and The Rewards of Sunday School Ministry. Homosexuality - a Biblical Understanding, and Evangelism - an Anglican Perspective.

2004 - In addition to the usual activities plans include:

  • Increase to library space and promotion of the use of the library.
  • Student involvement in leading worship on a class basis
  • Greater involvement by senior students in the Church services and the younger classes.
  • Increased production of seasonal dramas during the year.


Tuesday Charity

- responds to the needs of some 111 indigent persons in the vicinity of the Church. Donations of grocery items and cash assist in maintaining this ministry. Increased weekly giving of basic food items by the members has greatly enhanced this programme.


Womens' Auxiliary

Membership - Number of active members - 40. New members - Five (5)
The motto of the Anglican Women's Auxiliary is Work, Worship and Witness. To this end the St.Andrew Parish Church Branch carried out its activities in accordance with its mission.


  • Bible study/devotions - a study of 9 of the 66 Women in the Bible. Corporate worship, fund raising and social events.
  • The group participated in a number of activities in the Church including the new Visitation Programme to sick and shut-in members and which involved taking shut-in members to the special church service in December. Assistance was also given to the Young Adults group aimed at supporting their programme of spritual growth and building of a vibrant youth programme which is expected to result in increasing their membership.
  • The SAPC/WA contributed $207,000 (Bishop's Day at St. Luke's, Cross Roads on 6th January 2003) to the Diocesan Pastoral Aid Fund. This fund, in addition to augmenting the pensions of retired clergy, provides assistance to the less fortunate in our society such as those cures in the Diocese which do not have the resources to support a Pastor.
  • Members participated in activities organized by the Central Executive of the WA.

Objectives 2004 - In addition to regular activities, the SAPC/WA wishes to establish a mentorship programme aimed specifically at working with young girls.


Women's Working Committee

The AGM was held in June 2002; the next elections are due early 2004. Membership - 20, new members - 3.


  • Financial assistance to 3 members from the Sunday School at St. Thomas Mission.
  • Sourcing funds to be available for the Rector's Discretionary Fund.
  • Responded to specific requests/needs from the Church.
  • Support for the Church's Tuesday Charity and the Girl's Home.
  • Continued to build the scholarship fund to enable ongoing financial support to needy but deserving children in the SAPC family at the secondary level of their education.
  • Provide snacks for the clergy and church staff on Sunday mornings.
  • Co-ordinated provision of refreshments for the Annual Congregational Meeting in January.
  • Made small donations of cash to the Kencot Evangelistic Mission and to the Majesty Gardens Settlement to support Christmas get-togethers for staff.
  • Assistance to restoration of the Church Hall.

Fundraising - The JMTC musical "Mama I Want To Sing" staged in August was the only fund-raising activity. The next fundraising event will be in August 2004.


Young Adults

Membership/attendance ranges between 7-13 persons. There was one new member during 2003.

Mission - To proclaim the Good News and inspire each other to unity with God and each other by:

  • Creating a productive and enjoyable environment where we can engage freely in the exploration of our Anglicanism;
  • Supporting and encouraging each other in our walk with God, and strengthening the relationship with God and each other;
  • Fostering in members an enthusiasm to share the Gospel and to serve the community by ministering to the whole need of people, and;
  • Creating a resource pool of individuals to support the work of the church.

Activities in 2003 - Included social, topical discussions, assisting with an adult education programme at Kencot, assistance with the Youth Retreat in March and visiting shut-ins as a Labour Day/Church history project.


Youth Choir

Membership - 16

Activities - During the year, the Choir continued to contribute to the musical life of the church through participation in Sunday and special services, and other events at the Parish Church, its missions, and the Diocese. These included the Annual Marian Service, the St Andrew Deanery Day Service, the installation service for the Rector of St Jude's, the Ordination Service held at St Andrew in November, the St Andrew Parish Church Youth Gathering, an open-air Christmas Service at the University Hospital, the Annual Harvest Supper and the Diocesan Youth Rallies.

In August, the Youth Choir traveled to Antigua to participate in the Provincial Youth Gathering of the Church in the Province of the West Indies. The Group was responsible for planning and leading the daily worship, conducting workshops on the Creative Arts in Worship, composing the theme song and was also the Choir for the Opening Service and the Gathering. The Choir is grateful for the support from the SAPC family without which this participation would not have been possible.

New initiatives by the choir included the production of a Year C worship planner; the filming of a video of "praise dances" choreographed by the choir; the staging of a summer guitar camp for members of the congregation; as well as a Church Instrumental Programme (CIP) aimed at providing instrumental skills to persons in Anglican and other churches. 22 persons from 9 churches participated in the CIP, including representatives from SAPC, St. Clement's and the Care Centre. Participants in the CIP have since offered presentations in their respective churches. The choir, with the support of the Curate in Charge, also presented a proposal to the Bishop for an Anglican Lay Worship Initiative (ALWI) to be launched in 2004. ALWI aims at prayerfully coordinating a process whereby Christians, and in particular Anglican Christians, can be equipped to use the Creative Arts in community worship and fellowship. There were further developments in the instrumental section of the choir with the formalization of the Youth Choir Orchestra involving a mix of traditional, contemporary and African/Caribbean instruments. The Youth Choir also launched Dance and Drama Groups at the Parish Church and introduced new mass settings to the congregation. In keeping with its focus on worship and ministry, the Choir continued weekly bible study and prayer as a group and has planned a Retreat for 2004.


Youth Fellowship

- meets for fellowship, study and special activities.


Christian Education Committee

A Christian Education Committee was established in 2003 under the Chairmanship of Mr. George Briggs to develop the programmes and the variety of responses which would ensure the active participation of the members of the Church and which would ensure that the Vision/Mission statements developed in 2002 have continuity and focus and achieve the required objectives. Activities for 2003 have included: Quarterly book sales on site; a membership update (441 responses to date); and Living Issues - presentation of a discussion forum on a current topic; Retreat for Outreach project Management Committees; Sunday Social after the Patronal Festival Service. Coming out of a suggestion that there should be renewed attention to the Outreach Projects each is to be the special focus for selected months of the year as follows:

  • St. Andrew Settlement in March/April (period coinciding with bun sale activity);
  • Home for Girls in May;
  • Moreton Park Home in September;
  • St. Andrew Care Centre in October.

Plans for 2004 include 'Adult Sunday School' on 5th Sundays.


Property Committee

Given the required care with expenditure during 2003 many of the urgent upgrading and maintenance plans had to be placed on hold. The following work was completed:

Cemetery - cleaning and maintenance.

Church Hall - major improvements have been effected over the past two years and a rededication/50th Anniversary commemoration took place in December.

Rectory - Repairs were done to the ceiling along with other major general maintenance.

Outstanding -

  • Church building - Repairs to the roof, pew upgrading.
  • Old Court House - Maintenance, painting, upgrading of main external staircase
  • Church Office - flooring; ceiling, roof and wall repair, emergency stairs, painting.
  • Car Park - landscaping
  • PWD buildings - roof repair, general renovation.
  • Ellesmere Road: Home for Girls/Church Hall - Drainage works.
  • St. Clement's - Renovation (currently in progress)
  • Moreton Park Cottages - Fence, maintenance



Below is a summary of the financial position at 31 December, 2003. A detailed report will be presented at the Annual Congregational Meeting.

Gift Day contributions of $1.3 million have been received to date, of which amount, $1,168,227 has been included in the report to December 31, 2003. Sincere thanks to the congregation for their response to the needs of the Church.






Capital & Special Projects


Total Receipts




Capital & Special Projects


Total Payments

Surplus / Deficit

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Ecclesiastical Report - Year 2003

Membership - 3,000

Members on electoral roll - 1500

Overseas members - It is difficult to determine the numbers of persons who can be referred to as overseas members. However several members maintain regular contact, send donations and visit when in the island. The Reception Committee sends copies of the Parishioner to a number of these persons.

Baptisms Adults - 6 Children - 23

Confirmed Adults - 5 Juniors - 25

Sunday Schools (total) - 170 maximum

Sick Communion - (year) 58

Shut-ins - about 116

Marriages - 6

Burials - 64

Tuesday Charity (registered) - 111.

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Church Calendar 2004

Marian Service
Annual Congregational Meeting
Evening of Elegance
Ash Wednesday
Lenten Devotions
Youth Retreat (Church Hall)
Adult Retreat (Hillcrest)
Palm Sunday
Easter Day
Diocesan Synod
Healing Conference
Alpha 2004
St. Andrew Deanery Day
Confirmation classes (Adult)
Confirmation classes (Junior)
Harvest Thanksgiving
Annual Business Retreat
Annual Supper
Patronal Festival/340th Anniversary
Gift Day
Christmas Day
January 21
January 25
February 21
February 25
Thursdays in Lent
February 27-28
February 27-29
April 4
April 4
April 11
April 13-16
May 14-16
April 21 - June 30
July 11
September 8
September 10
October 24
November 6
November 19
December 5
December 21
December 25

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St. Andrew Parish Church

The Vision Statement

A church reconciled to God, aware of its identity and healing the community through the proclamation of the Good News of the Gospel of Christ.

The Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Andrew Parish Church is to proclaim the good news and inspire the parish family to unity with God and one another

  • By ensuring that the church establishes programs to maintain, engage and expand membership

  • By identifying and mobilizing the human and financial resources available to the church.

  • By responding to human needs as we work for the transformation of unjust structures and the preservation of the integrity of the created order.

  • By presenting the Biblical tithe as the standard of Christian giving and the shaping of programmes of ministry that express the stewardship of God's creation.

  • By immersing our members in and expanding the knowledge of Christian identity in the context of our cultural experience and the obligations they impose.


Moreton Park Cottages
SAPC Home for Girls
St. Andrew Care Centre
St. Andrew Settlement
St. Clement's
Christian Education Committee
Discernment Committee
Finance Committee
Property and Building
Supper Committee
Youth Committee
Mrs. Karlene Gordon
Miss Sonya Hamilton
Mr. Alvaro Casserly
Mr. Rex James
Mrs. Sybil Thompson
Mr. George Briggs
Mr. George Briggs
Mr. Mike Fennell
Dr. Vincent Lawrence
Mr. George Bullock
Mrs. Marva Greig

Parish Groups

Parish Group Meets Time Venue
Alpha (11 weeks)
Altar Guild
Fellowship Groups
Friends of the Sun. Sch.
Grief Support Group
Mothers' Union
Reception Ctte.
Sunday School
Senior Choir
Womens' Auxiliary
Womens' Working Ctte.
Young Adults
Youth Choir
Anglican Youth Fellowship
2 weeks after Easter
Quarterly (Saturdays)
Tuesdys before 3rd Sunday
Last Tuesdays
Last Wednesdays

First Wednesdays
Third Sundays
1st and 3rd Sun., 2nd Tues.

5:30 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
6:00 p.m.

5:30 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
5:30 p.m.

5:30 p.m.

4:30 p.m.
9:45 a.m.

2-4 p.m.
4:00 p.m.

Church Hall
Ch. Office
Church Hall

Church Office
Church Office
Church Office


Church Office


Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying , "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" And I said", "Here am I; send me!' Isaiah 6:8

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