Calendar of Events


Epiphany Sunday January 8
Marian Service January 18-24
Congregational Meeting January 22
St. Andrew Deanery Day February 12
St. Andrew Settlement (Focus Month) March
Ash Wednesday March 1
Parish Retreat (Fellowship Groups) March 5
Lenten Devotions March 9 - April 6
Palm Sunday April 9
Good Friday April 14
Easter Day April 16
Diocesan Synod April 18-21
Clergy Exchange April 23
St. APC Home for Girls (Focus Month) May
Confirmation May 14
Mother's Day May 14
Floral Festival (Altar Guild) May
Healing Conference May 26-28
St. Clement's (Focus Month) June
Stewardship (Missionary Month) Focus June
Pentecost June 4
Father's Day June 18
Missionary Sunday June 25
Mission and Evangelizing July 19
Emancipation Celebration August 1
Independence Celebration August 7
Moreton Park (Focus Month) September
Ministry of Healing & Anointing (Focus) September 3
Adult Confirmation Class begins September 13
Junior Confirmation Class begins September 13
St. Andrew Care Centre (Focus Month) October
Vocation & Ministry (Focus Month) October
Fund Raising Event - Men Perform for Christ October 8
Harvest Thanksgiving October 22
Stewardship of Creation and the Environment (Focus) November
Annual Parish Retreat November 4
Annual Parish Business Retreat November 11
Annual Harvest Supper November 17
Patronal Festival December 3
Advent (Year B Begins) December 3
Advent Devotions December 6 - December 20
Carol Service December 10
Gift Day/Ingathering December 10-17
Christmas Day December 25

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